Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Reynolds & Cameron Less Than Forthcoming

November 10th, 2004--Today's Tulsa World printed a story about Tulsa Metropolitan Utility Authority board nominees, Jim Cameron and Louis Reynolds' appearance before the Tulsa City Council's Public Works Committee, on Tuesday.

The following is an excerpt from that story:
"Besides Medlock, it appears that Councilors Jack Henderson, Jim Mautino and Roscoe Turner will keep their stances against the reappointments.
During Tuesday's interview, Henderson asked the men if they knew Herbert Haschke Jr., treasurer of the Coalition for Responsible Government 2004, which is conducting a recall effort against Medlock and Mautino.

Reynolds said he might have had legal dealings with him, and Cameron said Haschke did some estate planning for his father.

Henderson asked whether the men supported the recall effort. Reynolds said he was neutral about it, and Cameron never answered."

I guess the two gentlemen were camera shy or worried about what the Tulsa World and the citizens of our city might think if they were to "recall" (sorry...couldn't resist) that both of them are listed on the Oklahoma Secretary of State's web site as having formed real estate related corporations with Mr. Haschke.

In March of 1995, Mr. Reynolds formed a limited liability corporation with Mr. Haschke by the name of THE COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION OF TULSA, INC. I guess the forming of a commercial real estate association could be termed as "legal dealings." Additionally, before joining the water board, Mr. Reynolds served for several years with Mr. Haschke on the T.A.R.E Board, which overseas the trash-to-energy facility, as well as other refuse related activities.

More recently, in December of 2000, Mr. Cameron also formed a real estate company with Mr. Haschke by the name of IHCRC REALTY CORPORATION. This was apparently related to the Indian Health Care Resource Center, of which Mr. Cameron is currently the board secretary. With all of those hours he purportedly puts out for the TMUA, as well his involvement with the IHCRC, one wonders how he has the time for his involvement in the National Association of Industirial and Office Properties, or to run Cameron Glass, CAMVEND, Cameron Investments LLC and the other numerous business entities that he owns.

The lack of cooperation from these two gentlemen is but one of the reasons that we are having such a hard time agreeing with the Mayor and the Tulsa World editorial board that these gentlemen are indispensable to the citizens of our city. At the very least, they need some lessons in telling the whole truth.


ted said...

Let me see if I have this right: If I know, or have had business dealings any time in the past with business people whom who deem to be less than forthcoming, then I, too, am a suspect in some vast conspiracy against "forward thinkers" like yourself. Do I have it right?

ted said...

That's good, Chris. Don't allow any comments that you don't agree with, or that actually causes you to devote significant thought to your posts.

ted said...

You refuse to post comments that are critical of the positions you espouse, and at the same time you crucify the Tulsa World for painting a skewed picture of city politics????

Physician, heal thyself.

ted said...
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Anonymous said...

It’s so refreshing to hear a voice crying out in the wilderness of corruption, which this state has become over the last hundred years.