Sunday, May 29, 2005

Going National

More on this later, but our city is thought of in OKC is the least of our problems. Today's Sunday Washington Post (May 29, 2005; Page A02) has a brief story on our "Total Recall." Although they miss the mark in my viewpoint, it is one of the first indications that the effort begun by the Coalition for Responsible Government to recall two members of the Gang of Five (remember, they surveyed four districts for vulnerability) in order to protect the momentum the city had from Vision 2025, has back fired on them.

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Total Recall:
Both Sides in Tulsa Council Feud Face Referendum

An 18-month feud between factions on the Tulsa City Council has stymied city operations and horrified residents, as dueling recall efforts dominate the news.

"It's an embarrassment," said Republican Councilman Chris Medlock, who is facing a recall vote on July 12. "We should be able to have a debate about issues, even a contentious debate. . . . This is a bloodless coup."

Way to go Jon Davidson! Thanks to the selfishness of you and your friends, you've brought us to the brink of being a national laughingstock.

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