Monday, November 06, 2006

Fred Jordan Divorced By Wife

For over a year now, House District 69 candidate Fred Jordan has been selling himself as a former marine who supports conservative family values. However, he has not let voters in on the fact that his wife, Kyndra Brooke Litrell Jordan has filed for and been granted a divorce from her Jenks homebuilder husband.

In fact, sources tell me the former Mrs. Jordan quickly took up residency downtown, renting a loft in a trendy downtown development that was developed by Jay Helm. Helm, you might remember, serves on the F&M Bank Board of Directors.

A quick check of his web site shows that he is still touting his marriage and his wife as selling points to voters. It states at the top of the home page:

A Native Oklahoman, Fred Jordan Puts Faith and Family First.

Fred Jordan returned to his roots after military service and graduation from law school. Fred and his wife Kyndra have made their home in Jenks where they attend Southern Hills Baptist Church and Fred has taught Sunday school.
But records at the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network website,, show that their divorce was final on October 20th, 2006. In fact, it was granted in a very speedy fashion, having been initially filed by Mrs. Jordan on September 26th.

You can see the divorce record at the following link:
[Photo Source:]

Don't be fooled by the initials listed. The site lists "B. Jordan" as the petitioner [the one seeking the divorce] and "S. Jordan" as the respondent. The former Mrs. Jordan's full name is as listed above, so "B" apparently stands for "Brooke," which is her middle-name. While he goes by the name Fred, Mr. Jordan's full name is Sidney Fred Jordan. Obviously, "S" stands for Sydney.

You can view OSCN.NET's file on their wedding license by clicking here.

Any speculation that this could be two separate people is swept away by the fact that OSCN.NET includes near the bottom of the page, the following notation:

61995849 Oct 27 2006 2:07:12:320PM
$ 0.00

In fact, our friends at the Tulsa World also reported the divorce filing in their September 27th edition, reporting the following:


Staff Reports, 09/27/2006
Tulsa World (Final Home Edition), Page A11 of
approx. 168 words

Rachelle v. Robert Sr.
Curley, Morio v. Christina.
Espinoza, Deborah v.
Eugene Jr.
Jordan, B. v. S.
Mai, Amanda v. Hao Le.
McCall, Donald v.
Kimberly McKee McCall.

I'll leave the readers to sort out why so much effort was expended to hide this untimely and sad ending to a marriage.

As for myself, I do think any candidate that went so far as to include a photo of his wedding in his campaign literature [so as to show Fred in his uniform, yet again] should have the decency to share with the voters the dissolution of that marriage before elections day. I also think he would remove ambiguous language touting his marital status from his web site.

But that's just me.


Anonymous said...

You say he is a builder? Wonder if he has ever hired illegals?

Paul Tay said...

It's really tough keeping up appearances these days, ain't it? My goodness, Sunday skool teacher too! How exemplary. Such a pillar of the community. The man should run for Congress!

Anonymous said...

I don't know the facts behind this blog report (nor do any of us), but I knew Fred Jordan for years (served in the military with him) and he is a solid, moral, good person, and he was a great Marine. After reading the other comments from folks who obviously don't know him, I felt someone who does should stick up for him. As for the second comment above, if Fred is teaching Sunday school, it's genuine and for the right reasons.
Finally, as for his divorce, I know none of the details, but I'll point out, as Mr. Medlock did, that his wife is the one who filed for divorce.