Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Creeks Contribute Little to River

Word I'm getting from a source that's not Rick Westcott's e-mail, is that the Creek Nation's contribution to the $111 Million in private funding that will be spent on river projects is voters opt to tax themselves is a paltry 5-million-bucks.

"Paltry," you ask? "That seems like a pretty good chunk of change to me!"

Not really, when you compare it to the gains the tribe stands to make if they get a new low-water dam built downstream from their casino operation and the new hotel they are building. To my knowledge, none of the other private contributors stand to benefit financially from their 'gift.' But the Creek Nation will substanitially benefit from a new lake contiguous to their property that just happens to end a few hundred feet upstream. Too bad if you're a Tulsa citizen who lives between 31st Street and 71st Street, because you only get "channelization."

If things were fair, the Creeks should be working with the City of Jenks to pay for the lion's share of the cost of the low-water dam planned for the Oklahoma Aquarium area.

Interesting how little has been mentioned about this. Perhaps it's because the public hasn't been TOLD about each organization's contributions. Something to think about when you go to the polls on October 9.


Anonymous said...

Shocked, Shocked!, I am. The Indians have blown away every suppressed stereotype I may have had. They have ingeniously manipulated the political system while playing the vying interests within State of Oklahoma like a bunch of fools. Well done, Creeks, et al, you have enriched yourselves at the expense of the State and its citizens.

5 million is about right...and chump change compared to what they stand to gain. I can't fault them for playing the game well...it's just that the game itself is corrupt.

Control the media and you are well on the way to controlling everything else. That's Tulsa's real failing, the lack of a broad reaching/mainstream independent investigative media.

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering how Zink, Williams, Creek Casino, etc. were going to be compensated for their donation. I did, of course, realize how the Creeks were going to get theirs, I just didn't know how little they were giving to get it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Is it considered ethical for the companies contributing to the river to solicit their employees with biased emails from the CEO? What's good for the company is not always good for the employee or their family. I'm offended that this is occurring, but afraid for my job to address it head on.

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself. The majority of high dollar contributors would get their investment back. Such as in contracts to build the river development.

Those people didn't not get to the point of being able to donate such sums of money by "giving" millions away.