Thursday, August 14, 2008

Novus Homes Files Suit Against TDA

Will Wilkins of Novus Homes texted me after my show today to tell me that he has filed suit against the Tulsa Development Authority for "Breach of Agreement - Contract"

You can view the particulars of the suit by clicking here.

Wilkins is alleging that the TDA tereminated the deal after the city moved the proposed downtown ballpark to a property across the street from the property he was negotiating to obtain.

More on this as it breaks.

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Pamela said...

Glad to see it. I thought about either on your show or Pat's when so many callers were giving the man things to check. I remember he said that he was taking notes. I also believe he said that he would be bringing some of them to attorneys. Leaders need to pay for there abuse of power. If he loses this lawsuit I will have lost faith in fair judicial process in Tulsa. It is obvious that they broke his contract for their own interests. I guess they think they can get away from breaking the law.

Love your show.