Thursday, July 02, 2009

Is Bill Christiansen Out of the Mayor's Race?

I just got a confirmation from a second reliable source that District 8 Tulsa city councilor Bill Christiansen will not be entering the race for mayor. If this proves true, it is likely that the detailed polling that he conducted over the weekend didn't come back as very promising to his chances.

Stay tuned for more specifics.


Anonymous said...

my thoughts exactly


David Van said...

Dewey's gotta be thrilled about that.

Its a winner-take-all primary.

Billy & Dewey were appealing to the same base.

Now its looking more like a head-to-head challenge for Medlock, in the Republican Primary.

Chris, you gotta glue Dewey so tight to Taylor that his hair turns fake blonde.

David Van said...

Well, you called it right, yesterday. But you called the other way for 3 years, so don't too confident.

There's a blue-collar conservatism that will be a huge base for you, Chris.

It isn't money that propels you to the extent that Christiansen relied on it.

You can win with 1/3 the money that Dewey's friends have.

You just need to frame the issues effecively.

Anonymous said...

Chris is good but what about Clark?

For what it's worth, Clark called for Dewey Bartlett to switch parties

Ohh well I pretty much am starting to think Tulsa is a lost cause.