Thursday, November 25, 2004

Some Less Than Rhetorical Questions

It is Thanksgiving, so I know there will be no Tulsa World on Friday. However, there have been two editions of the World since the Tulsa Chapter of the League of Women Voters released a statement that strongly opposed the effort to recall Councilor Jim Mautino and me.

  • So, where is the editorial accusing the league of "falling under the sway of the Medlock Cartel?
  • Why haven't we seen a Page One story under P.J. Lassek's byline, which saves the most reasoned statements against recall for inclusion on page A22, but written under the headline, "Women Voters Say Medlock to Cause New Lawsuits," along with a photo of me looking like I have just sampled soured milk?
  • How many days will pass before The World acknowledges that those who care most about the sanctity of the election process, have strongly stated, "The seriousness of [current city] issues deserves the community's attention and should not be diverted by the divisive recall process?"

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Anonymous said...

Get your facts right, son. The Tulsa World arrived on my doorstep, as usual, the day after Thanksgiving.