Wednesday, December 08, 2004

My Official Response to the Recall Petition

Councilor Jim Mautino and I are honored that you, our constituents, elected us as your voice in city government.

We both took an oath to be good stewards of your government. We further promised, during our campaigns, to ensure that Tulsa’s city government serves all Tulsans and not just a favored few.
We promised to serve you with integrity. By keeping these promises, we have angered many who have previously benefited financially from old practices.

We agree with Mayor LaFortune who said recall “hampers our effort to find real solutions to the problems facing” Tulsa.

We agree with the League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Tulsa when they say this recall:

  • Would be a waste of time, energy and money.
  • Contains accusations in this petition that do not specify reasons for recall which are consistent with Oklahoma law.
  • Effectively disenfranchises you, the residents of District 2.
    Jim Mautino and I thank you for allowing us to serve you as Tulsa city councilors.

We promise to continue to work hard ensuring your business in city government is conducted with integrity.


Anonymous said...

Mssrs. Medlock and Mautino have committed NO act that warrants an Election Recall.

The Recall Effort is being stage managed by members of the Metro Chamber of Commerce, under the leadership of a Greedy, Grasping Old Man named Poe. Bob Poe is an embarrassment to that once good organization.

The Recall group calls itself the Coalition for Responsible Government 2004. Its purpose is dark and twisted. Those allied behind the Recall effort are contemptible greedheads, worthy of only our derision, but not our mercy. In the words of a politically active, young local leader, those dark forces are Evil. Strong word: Evil.

The Reform Alliance needs our Support to be equally Strong. Please, give the Reform Alliance the support it needs.

But, Mssrs. Medlock & Mautino need to remember: You can't win by trying to "out-nice" the Forces of Evil. I say,

"Cry Havoc, and let slip the Dogs of War!"

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Sounds like Tom Coburn likes to surf Chris' blog.

ted said...

Anonymous: I think I love you.

Anonymous said...

One must admire “the no holds barred” posting to educate the voters. As you are aware the dinosaur you councilors are questioning has thousands of dollars of the taxpayers money at their disposal to defend any changes to the status quo that has existed for eighty-three years. The sleeping dinosaur will raise its head and you will feel the heat from the fire it breathes.
The League of Women Voters was very outspoken at the charter amendments meetings but they got nowhere with their suggestions.
The World Editorial 12/10/04 speaks of changing the charter but the one we paid $23,000 to change the previously submitted charter said it was only amendments to the existing charter. You have our full support. The status quo must change before the city can grow within the thousands of acres of undeveloped land inside our fence lines. We need new people with new ideals on the authorities

Blake Ewing said...

Dinosaurs have never been suspected of breathing fire. Dragons, however, do breath it without exception.


Kane said...

When one starts poking the dinosaur that dwells in the State of Tulsa, one finds it also has a fiery breath. There is an old cliché “You cannot fight city hall”.

Kane said...

In addressing the vile post of comments who’s mirror image in illustrating the political mind set in mud slinging that only would be used by a ill-bred uneducated moron, who slithers on his belle, to eat of the dust of the earth all the days of his life. Anyone who would sink to such a low in supporting the recall of the councilor by introducing such accusation of personalities or conduct of the councilors parents; as the poster does, breaches the moral boundaries of good taste in this or any other society.

Any and all supporters of the recalling of the councilors; should read the poster’s comments and analyze for themselves; if they want to be associated with any group, who would use such means to discredit a worthy opponent by heaping such accusations of conduct against his parents over which even if any part were true he had no control nor should he have to defend such accusations.

One half of the world is in rebellion of the republic form of government. Since the Greeks invented such, it has failed in every incident, leading to civil wars. What the councilors are being recalled for is pointing out the fallacies that in all cases have started out at the grass roots when by the design of the government it becomes so corrupt that the working citizen can not support the demands of the officials. Thus corrupt officials support corrupt officials. It is not only the councilors who foresee the demise of the city that is causing the exiting of business. It is the political corruption businesses are required to contend with if they remain in the city.