Saturday, April 09, 2005

Sin of Omission

Buried within a somewhat rambling story under the headline, "Councilors advised to hire lawyers," P. J. Lassek of the Tulsa World wrote:

"Turner, Henderson, Mautino and Medlock tried to thwart a move to wait until the 5 p.m. meeting to vote on the chairman even after learning that Baker's absence from the 3 p.m. meeting was because his wife had been taken to the hospital."
Ms. Lassek and I had a rather "lively" phone conversation regarding her reporting of this incident. When Councilor Sullivan asked to put off the vote for leadership until 5:00 PM out of cooperation, I admonished him that he always seeks cooperation when his voting bloc is at a disadvantage, but takes every opportunity to seek advantage when one of "the gang" is absent. I reminded him of his attempt to shove through the North Tulsa County Annexation, when Councilor Mautino had to fly back to Tulsa from Florida, where he was attending a family reunion.

I pointed out to him, looking squarely at Councilor Neal, that cooperation always seems to flow more from "the Gang," then it does from the Bloc of 2002.

Ms. Lassek felt that the mere mention of anything critical of the Bloc '02 constituted joining in on an attempt to "thwart."

In an e-mail to Lassek, I wrote that if I were indeed cooperating with an effort to "thwart," then the move would've indeed been thwarted. There were four gang memebers present and only three from the Bloc '02. So, if all four of us were busy "thwarting," how come the move wasn't thwarted? Ms. Lassek left that tidbit out.

There was a formal motion to delay the vote until 5PM when Councilor Baker could be back from taking his wife to the hospital. It passed by a vote of 4 to 3. The "nay" votes were Turner, Henderson and Mautino. They "yes" votes were Sullivan, Christiansen, Neal guessed it...Medlock.

I caught hell from a fellow councilor after the meeting and was reminded by another that my "yes" vote effectively ended my chances of being Vice-Chairman.

I told them I had no interest in stooping to the level of Randy Sullivan.

None of this, however, made it to the newspapers.

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