Sunday, April 24, 2005

A Slip of the Roop

I'm getting ready to walk out of the door for church, so I don't have enough time to respond to this morning's newest installment on all of my foibles as told by the Recall Reporter (a.k.a. The Tulsa Wolrd). I just want to give those of you who are playing hooky from church a little tidbit that jumped out at me from the responses of my peers.

Buried near the end of the story, is this quote from our city's Chief (Information and) Administrative Officer (or C.I.A.O.), Sam Roop:

"Sam Roop, a former councilor who resigned to take a spot in the mayor's cabinet, said he had heard rumors that the degree didn't exist."
Gee...I hadn't heard any rumors and I work at City Hall, too. None of the remaining "Gang of Five" members had heard any rumors. So where did Sam hear these rumors?

Was it the Mayor's office, where he works? I'm sure he'll vehemently deny that!

No...most likely the source of the "rumors" that Sam heard was none other than his friend and confidente, Jim Burdge. Yes, the same Jim Burdge who currently draws his paycheck (financial sources still undisclosed) as Squadron Leader Imperiale of the Right Order of the Recall Rabble.

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