Thursday, February 16, 2006

Medlock/Miller Sighting

Most likely, the rumor has already begun to spread that Randi Miller and I were spotted this morning having fried mozarella sticks at Baxter's Interurban Grill, downtown.

How am I so certain? First, because it's true and second, because we walked past four employees of the Public Works Department who were seated four booths away, as we left the restaurant. Given the way rumors rocket about City Hall, why deny it?

So...what was up? Long and short of it, on Tuesday, Commissioner Miller called me to discuss what was happening to our yard signs and other campaign issues that are common conversations between primary opponents. At the end of the conversation she said we should get meet sometime, if I got the chance. I aked her, "before? Or after?"

I meant...of course...before or after the primary election?

She told me before.

So, I checked my schedule and found that I had time available to meet this morning. I told her so during yesterday's Mayoral Forum at the TU Law School, so we set up the meeting for today at 11 AM at Baxter's.

I was a little early and she was a little late, so I read this week's Urban Tulsa Weekly, especially concentrating on Michael Bates' column on the TREC Forum that went so well for our campaign, as well as Barry Friedman's take on the situation with ORU and the Miller campaign.

The conversation lasted less than twenty minutes and was very amicable, as are almost all of the conversations I've had with Randi.

It was agreed, for the most part, that what we talked about was between us and I will keep it that way. However, given the way people like to talk, I think it is fair to disclose what was not discussed.

Neither one of us discussed the other dropping out of the race and joining forces to defeat Bill LaFortune. I have made a commitment to my supporters to stay in the race to the end and to do everything I can to win. I have no doubt, Commissioner Miller has made similar promises.

We is also fair to say...united in the fact that we are both seeking to be Tulsa's next mayor, because of our great disappointment in the performance of our fellow Republican, Bill LaFortune.

With that said, let the rumors fly!


Bike Drool said...

Be careful! Fried mozarella sticks will give even the healthiest man a coronary! Better to go with the carrot sticks... but no dipping them in mayonnaise sauce! When you're done, go to:

Chris Medlock said...

Okay...let me clarify. Four SENIOR Public Works management types, dressed in suits, who were having lunch four booths away.