Friday, February 24, 2006

The Mayor of Tulsa, Florida

KOTV and KTUL are running with a story on Kathy Taylor's back tax problem in Florida. It appears she may have filed for a homestead exemption in both states.

This begs the obvious question. Which state is her "homestead" located in? If she filed it in Florida at some recent time, then obviously she wasn't calling Tulsa her home.

How long has she been a Tulsan?



Honestly "J" said...

Chris, I noticed the other nite when I looked at her site there was something that I couldn't quite put my finger on, and now this story broke. Bingo! I went back and looked again. No where on her site does she say or claim she's an actual 'resident'. There's a heading,"Tulsa Roots"-click on, and no mention of Tulsa. Very misleading. Another heading,"Tulsa is Kathy's Home", no mention of residency or for how long. I could go on. The word "resident" is no where to be found. That tells me she has purposely calculated her campaign website so she cannot be accused of outright 'lying' about her 'residency', but clearly, she's got a problem, or she wouldn't have gone to this measure to 'cover up' her residency 'issue'. I then rechecked your site, and lo and behold it's all out there for everyone to see, including your campaign headquarters location with a map, and not just a P.O.Box! It includes the fact that you're a 3rd generation Tulsan. I want my children to know what a 'quality' leader is. Actions speak louder than words! Thank You To You and Your Wife and Family for running. You give us hope! Well, there's 3 down, who's next? Another one bites the dust...hhhmmmmmm Honestly "J"

meeciteewurkor said...

Wow. I didn't even notice that.

Her site uses frames, so that link might look weird in some browsers.

Unknown said...


I am both sorry and encouraged to hear that you did not win the primary. The thing that encourages me is that you came in second and that sends a message to Tulsa: Tulsa wants an authentic mayor who cares. Perseverence seems to be part of your character and because of that, it will be nice to see your hard work within these next four years and perhaps another campaign. I am happy to support you anytime. You are a blessing to this incredible city!


David Wetmore

Honestly "J" said...


My husband and I are proud of your showing! We believe, of course, you could've won...

We will miss you, greatly! It just won't be the same not seeing you on TGOV! We hope to see you attend Thursday night meetings!

Your wife has been very gracious, too. You are very blessed.

I look forward to any announcement of your endorsement for mayor. Whatever you decide to do, we will respect your decision. We know it must be very difficult to be in this situation. We know you're a principled man, and we know you will decide what is best.

We hope and pray that you seek the mayoral position, again! You gave us hope, where there was none.

Thank You,
Honestly "J" & my husband, DelGiornio termed as,
"Indian Brother"

Josh said...

If Taylor wins, will she live in Tulsa or just fly in for ribbon cuttings and other honorary events? Also, can someone become Mayor of Tulsa and whatever Florida city you also live in? Hey! Then we would have a sister city by marriage (er, election?)!

Are there any third party candidates in this race?

Josh said...
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Honestly "J" said...

You bet there is!! His name is Mr. Ben Faulk, our Independent, alternative candidate for mayor!!

Watch for KFAQ1170AM's website!! Michael DelGiornio interviewed Mr. Faulk this morning! It was fantastic! Mr. DelGiornio has endorsed Mr. Faulk!! He will need money, volunteers, etc.!! He can win, if everyone will do their part, and especially vote for Mr. Faulk!!

Wouldn't it be phenomenal for Chris to be in Mr. Faulk's administration!!!! Awesome!

Don't let the naysayers make you apathetic!! When they see the support Mr. Faulk will actually receive, they will come around, too!


Moderate1 said...

Michael Delgiornio, spews your constant sniveling, whining and bullshit every day about how Lafortune has been the worst Mayor in 20 years. Now Michael "can't decide" who to vote for....pure horse shit! Let me see....the stars tell me....a rock solid vote for Lafortune must be in order! duh! Maybe someday you can snivel and whine at your own hyprocrisy, Naww......your standing up for what's right.