Friday, February 24, 2006

The Mayor of Tulsa, Florida

KOTV and KTUL are running with a story on Kathy Taylor's back tax problem in Florida. It appears she may have filed for a homestead exemption in both states.

This begs the obvious question. Which state is her "homestead" located in? If she filed it in Florida at some recent time, then obviously she wasn't calling Tulsa her home.

How long has she been a Tulsan?


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Unknown said...


I am both sorry and encouraged to hear that you did not win the primary. The thing that encourages me is that you came in second and that sends a message to Tulsa: Tulsa wants an authentic mayor who cares. Perseverence seems to be part of your character and because of that, it will be nice to see your hard work within these next four years and perhaps another campaign. I am happy to support you anytime. You are a blessing to this incredible city!


David Wetmore