Sunday, March 19, 2006

I Told Him So

Over two years ago (on a December evening in 2004 to be exact), Tulsa mayor Bill LaFortune sat in my city council office and I offered him the follwing prediction.

"If you don't start making decisions based on Republican principles, rather than on what keeps the Tulsa World off of your back, you're going to be facing a tough Democrat opponent...probably Kathy Taylor...and the World is going to endorser her anyway."

I had almost forgotten this prognostication until I was reminded of it last Friday. Who reminded me? Why Bill LaFortune did.

Ultimately, we will not be judged by the mistakes we make, but from the lessons learned as a result of our mistakes.

Schools in session.


Honestly "J" said...

School may very well be in session, but not for much longer! I believe Mr. Lafortune has missed his opportunity to earn another four year term. Mr. Lafortune has flunked with an "F" in my Master Record Sheet! And, there are no more chances to pass the finals! No second chances to re-do his term. He will find he's burned too many bridges, and it's time to kick him off of the campus!

He also flunked the debate on KRMG today! No surprises there.

Mr. Lafortune sounds as if he's finally learning one of the imperative points he should have learned when class started, and that is to listen and take heed to Councilor Medlock!

I thought he sounded 'cheesy' when he name-dropped "Chris Medlock" on the air during the debate.

Mr. Mayor, it's too late, now!


mshell said...

I am sorry I donated money to your campaign. You should have endorsed Faulk. LaFortune is destroying this city and you just endorsed the continuance of such. I am so disappointed. So much for principles. Party is much more important, huh?

SeanM said...

I agree with the previous comment.. I worked hard around my neighborhood to convince people to vote for you (Medlock) and not just follow the media and everything else.. I was happy when you were on the radio after the primary saying that your supporters were not that stupid to flip over to LaFortune... Now you go against everything you stood for to support him... If he wins do have a job lined up or something? So much for principles. I wish I could take back all the hours I spent helping, and money I spent..

Sean - Tulsa, OK

soandsosfrnd said...

Say it aint so Counselor!

Honestly "J" said...

...but from the lesson you'll learn from this mistake... :(

I'm sorry for you, Chris.

Our Independent, Alternative Candidate for Mayor of Tulsa!

Jeanne said...

Chris, I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and think. Everyone is reacting with emotion instead of using their intellect.

Bill has been a huge disappointment and may have no way to redeem himself. But I, too, believe that Faulk cannot win. A vote for him (and I really like him) is a vote for Kathy Taylor.

It will be the most difficult ballot I have ever cast but I'm going to do it. He had better change his ways and live up to what he originally campaigned on. If he fails again, I'm afraid the folks in this town will run him out on a rail just short of tar and feathers....and there's no guarantee of that. I hope you made it perfectly clear to him what is at stake and how folks feel out here.

Please people, think about what you will be doing if you vote for Faulk...maybe I just don't have the faith, but with no campaigning and no press, can he possibly get the votes? At least we know Mr. Mis-Fortune and there is always recall!!!! Yikes, I can't believe I said that!


Ttaylor said...

Not exactly prophetic Chris. The Tulsa World has never endorsed a Republican as far as I know. That is probably why the Mayor had little or no reaction to your prediction. It seems your grasp of the obvious is your strong suit.

T Taylor
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