Friday, May 19, 2006

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Chris Medlock to Seek House District 69 Seat

Former Tulsa City Councilor and Mayoral Candidate Joins a Crowded Field Seeking the Seat Being Vacated by Rep. Fred Perry.

Tulsa, OK, Friday, May 19, 2006:

Former Tulsa City Councilor Chris Medlock confirmed Friday that he will seek Rep. Fred Perry’s House District 69 seat, that Perry will be vacating at the end of this year, due to term limitations.

Medlock joins an already crowded field, which may include as many as four other Republicans, by the time filing closes on Wednesday, June 7th.

“We know we’re getting a late start,” Medlock acknowledged, “but we have been very encouraged by the reception we’ve received from the people in the district I’ve contacted.”

Citing his sixteen years as a resident in the district as one factor that sets him
apart from most of the announced candidates, Medlock vowed to serve the
citizens of District 69, with the same dedication and time commitment that he
gave to his constituents as a Tulsa City Councilor.

“I know what it’s like to live in this district, the importance of strong schools and strong neighborhoods,” Medlock said. “Our household is dealing with the chaos that comes from having a Senior graduating from Jenks High School, this month. I know first hand how important it is to keep the districts’ schools healthy and strong.”

“I am committed to working towards a day in the immediate future,” Medlock stated, “on which we can end the state income tax that puts Oklahoma at a decided disadvantage in competing with states like Texas, for new, quality jobs.

“Proven conservative leadership, the kind Sen. Coburn is exemplifying in Washington,” Medlock added, “could very well bring about the reforms necessary to end the state’s income tax in the very near future.

Other issues Medlock plans to make the center of his bid for the legislature include, many of the standard issues that make up the GOP platform, such as meaningful tort and worker’s compensation reform. However, he intends to use his previous experiences, both in business and government, to lend a unique perspective to the new Republican House Majority.

“Fred Perry was one of the strongest voices in dealing with the new realities, many of them disturbing, that come from the growing influence that the Internet is having on our society,” Medlock said. “Many people don’t realize it, but I’ve mastered over twenty-four software packages, as a result of my career. I believe I can bring much more than a layman’s knowledge to the issue.”

Medlock will also continue his leadership in securing the rights of individual property owners, from the threat of government use of eminent domain, for private development.

Our homes are, for most of us, the single largest investment we make in our lifetime, “ Medlock said. “Government should not be able to take our property for anything but a clearly defined public purpose, such as roads or waterlines.”


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