Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oklahoma Gay Democrats Pushing Boudaries of Good Taste

This ad appeared recently in the Oklahoma Gazette [basically OKC's version of Urban Tulsa Weekly].

What do you think? Offensive? What if you're a WWII vet or a Marine? Does the radical gay lobby have to pervert every iconic image important to traditional Americans?

I know I won't interview any of the candidates listed as being supported by this group without asking them for an apology to our vets, first.

Wonder what Andrew Rice is thinking about this? Given that he has a Masters Degree from a Unitarian-Universalist divinity school, it can't be helping his chances to have such extremist ads making him look anything but the centrist.


Savage Baptist said...

Speaking as a former Marine, I don't know if I'm offended so much as I am amused. It makes homosexual people look silly.

Pamela said...

If my Dad was still alive I wonder what he would think about this. He would have probably just called them 'all perverts'. The ones that did this ad just exposed what they are all about, not contributing something good but ridiculing and supposedly perverting the good. It makes those candidates whose names are on this look really bad and sorry. Maybe it will rally the lunatic fringe of the Democratic party but will probably offend the decent ones.

You will never get an interview with these candidates if you insist on an apology first. It is obvious to me that they could care less about the military and its history. Maybe you should at least try and see what they are really about. At least you can report what they do when asked. Again they probably will not do an interview with you, especially if they heard the comments made about this on the air.

There is a part of me that wonders if we just ignore them what would happen. It is obvious they are being outrageous so that they will get free press. They can't get it on their ideas and goals. I never would have heard about these fools unless this amazing hellish picture had not been reported on in decent media.