Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rick "Choo Choo" Westcott

I've been making a great deal about Rick Westcott's seeming obsession with Amtrak and light rail. Seems he's more concerned and spends more time trying to get an antiquated mode of transportation brought to our city than he is in optimizing the current mode of transportation in his district.

Where are we, Councilor Westcott, on the widening of Lewis Ave from 61st to 76th streets? Randi Miller first got that project into the 3rd Penny in 2001 and I had to fight to get it refunded in 2006 when the '01 tax fell short. I was promised it would be among the first projects funded in the new tax, and yet the downtown streets are getting repaired ahead of them.

Why aren't you screaming to the heavens?

I understand that the project would've hurt the city's ability to host the PGA Championship last Summer, but we should've seen orange barrels first thing this Spring.

Time for you to review your priorities, Councilor.


Steven H. Roemerman Sr said...

As of June 13th, here is the latest status I have on this project.

Project No. 014150- Lewis from 61st to 75th. Poe is 100% complete with the design of Phase 1. Phase 2 is 87% complete. The existing right-of-way has been defined and the acquisition of additional right-of-way is proceeding. Becco is 100% complete with Phase 1.

Steven H. Roemerman Sr said...

I did some additional digging.

*This project (phase2) is 5 mill in the hole.

*Utility re-location still needs to occur. PSO will move their lines in the Fall.

* the tentative advertisement for start of construction is Apr 2009.