Monday, February 21, 2005

The Cabbage Rolls Are Good, But the Place Mat Leaves a Bad Taste.

Thanks to KFAQ for breaking the story about the fact that Tulsa restaurant and local institution, Jamil's, has been utilizing a place mat for each patron that reproduces the gaseous David Ad-verill editorial first printed by the Tulsa World on February 6th. (I'd link to it, but I don't have Michael Bates' legal connections...yet.)

I thought I was being pretty insulting when I insinuated that the piece was noticeably devoid of logic and was really effective only as a four-color advertisement for recall. Little did I know that it would soon be the underlayment for dishware at a BBQ joint. What next? Will people get the opportunity to test their mental dexterity by trying to follow Mr. Ad-verill's meandering rationale while parked next to an MTTA bus? Hey...why not? Think about it...if the ad successfully inspires a voting citizen to support recall, they could probably just leave their car momentarily, step onto the bus, and get the driver to sign them up to volunteer. [For those who haven't heard, one of the recall petition circulators was a bus driver who it is rumored, solicited signatures from his riders]

I guess my campaign strategists are going to have to analyze whether or not Jamil's customers are the type to get their opinions from a placemat, or if they're prone to influence from other opinion sources, such as trash liners, disposable diapers or those paper floor mats you get when you take your cars to the shop.

We know Michael Barone now believes that blogs are the newest force in politics. Can disposable paper products be the next big thing?


Anonymous said...

Every citizen with any values should join Mr. Mautino and you to cover every single block of your districts

Anonymous said...

The overrated BQ joint has an obligation in the archives of special privileges given to them by the “City” in line with what you fellows are pushing.

Obstructing the growth of the “City” is one of the complaints. How do you define the city? Is it defined by how many acres of cow pasture are within the fence line? Is it defined by how many houses could be built on the vacant lands while they are being built in the suburbs? Does it include the “Conflict of Interest” ordnance pasted, lying on the table for years?
Is the “City” construed to mean a piece of paper called “The Charter” that only the privileged can use for their twisted benefits? Or is “The City” a group of individuals making sure all the money extorted from the working taxpayer is spent before the new budget is submitted? Is the “City” used to favor certain contractor by selected those who by additions increases the total cost to the taxpayer? Is the “City” where the five hundred-page budget can be questioned by a citizen as long as they can go through the five hundred pages in his five minutes of allotted time? Is the “City” a group of the good old buddies that can be called on for campaign or promotion money to advertise additional taxes that is passed on to taxpayer?

Seems the president is trying to educate the mid-east on democracy. Is it possible that we should look under our own rugs for the corruption that through-out all history has out distanced the ability of the working taxpayer to support?

The recall agenda is being used to cover up the inequities of a city government gone wild. Can we stop this or are we destined to endure it?