Wednesday, February 02, 2005

We Have Been Remiss... saying thank you to all of our wonderful supporters who have lifted us up during these stressful times. May we always be worthy of your faith.


Anonymous said...


This is related to your position as city councilor.

You and the other eight city councilors have been publically quoted as in favor of the proposed $250 million Street Improvements Bond, set for a vote in April.

Could you explain why this Street Improvement Bond needs to be TWICE the level of the previous Street Improvement Bond, passed a little over five years ago?

Is there a GREED factor at play?


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute and show of support, from the Community Care College.....they display the message from MANY TULSANS !!
We have a lot of folks with great integrity and strength in our area and Councilors Medlock and Mautino are at the top of that list!!
THANKS, to each of you, for being the kind of men you are!! And, we thank your families also!!

Anonymous said...

While we are asking questions and offering comments....

1) The 2nd petitions for recall, being circulated now in Districts 2 and 6, will be public knowledge, won't they?

2) Those signatures will be validated as legitimate registered voters, within the appropriate district,
won't they?

These questions asked because so far, the recall process has been handled VERY ILLEGALLY and UNETHICALLY. It is like an UNDERGROUND MAFIA we are tolerating here in Tulsa. If it goes forward, it looks like lawsuits are in order. So the supporters for recall continue to cause a HUGE COST to TULSA, both financially and our reputation as a great city.