Saturday, January 29, 2005

Coalition Envy?

Many thanks to the Republican officers and elected officials that participated in the Anti-Recall press conference yesterday. I was somewhat surprised, after noting at least four TV cameras present for the event, that only KTUL-Channel 8 appeared to have included the event in either of their three January 28th broadcasts (KTUL did about a 15 second spot on their 10 PM broadcast, only).

However, the Tulsa World ran the story on the front page of the Saturday edition (albeit their lowest readership of the week, once again). The coverage was pretty comprehensive, with quotes from most of the elected officials that were present.

It's hard to say why there was so little television coverage. Perhaps we were bumped by the snowy weather or the extensive coverage of the serial rapist that is terrorizing Sand Springs. However, I think it had more to do with a "we've already done the Mayor coming out against the recall story," rationalization. If this is the case, that is a shame.

The real story was the resounding support that we are receiving from the GOP officials from Tulsa's legislative caucus. The list of party and elected officials speaking out against recall is becoming a very impressive one. As it stands today, we have permission to use the names of six state senators and nine state representatives. Most impressive of all, the list includes Senators Randy Brogdon (Owasso), Scott Pruitt (Broken Arrow), Mike Mazzei (South Tulsa & Bixby) & Nancy Riley (W. Tulsa & Jenks) as well as Representatives John Trebilcock (Broken Arrow), Fred Perry (S. Tulsa & Jenks), John Wright (Broken Arrow) and John Smaligo (Owasso). This should go a long way in stating the case that the recall effort being lodged against Jim Mautino and me, is an ill conceived and selfish attempt to disrupt the integrity of our election process.

I can't begin to thank all of these legislators for their courageous and ethical stands. It is humbling indeed to know that they are willing to stand on principle, even though we are city officials and many in their own communities might question their support.

When you couple this latest round of support with such diverse groups as the Tulsa Metro League of Women Voters, the NAACP and the Tulsa County Republican Executive Committee, you start to realize that our coalition will more than trump CfRG2004's cadre of like minded development interests.

And we've only just begun to fight!


bigdadee1 said...

Thanks for the great work Chris. I am a BA resident who works in the Brookside area for over a decade now. I am as interested in Tulsa's directions as you, and though I cannot vote in your district, you get my verbal support to every customer that is bold enough to voice an opinion in my presence.

Anonymous said...

This goes to show us that the "recall" is a lesson in life, for ALL OF US!! Doesn't really matter where we live, we all have been taught RIGHT FROM, whether we value that in our lives, is a choice we each make. For those backing the recall, they have chosen the WRONG path on this issue.

Obviously, the majority of elected officials, community leaders and citizens are supporting Councilors Medlock and Mautino on this and speaking up AGAINST THE RECALL!!
WE ARE AMERICANS and hold ourselves accountable and responsible! As was stated Friday, by our elected officials....this is "SELFISH AND DESTRUCTIVE" and "those behind it, need to stop immediately"!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Chris, sh-- happens when it comes to news coverage. If you want everything that involves you to be front page or lead newscast, maybe you ought to do something really tawdry or scandalous.

Then again, maybe not.

Kane said...

Politics is a malicious game that is played only to benefit he who has the bat. The other players only get to run after the ball. Your alleged support of the other local politicians should not secure much faith in the local system.

The first Town Hall Meetings held, on the revising an age-old charter, was conducted by the Law Professors and other of TU. The greatest problems today we have with the system are that there is no requirement for any candidate to take an examination on having read the charter. All information seems to be gained by the circumventing of the open meetings laws, using the cubbyhole arrangement of the pigeon hole office on the second floor of city hall. This gives the city hall professionals ready access to the supposed representatives of the people. When they are ready it is like “lets go into the courtroom and make a record of what we decided here in the judge’s chambers.”

The political analyst today must consider the young girl with the small child, as she pushes it in a basket down the aisles of the store, comparing the price of each item she places in the basket. She has the same vote count as the man sitting at the club eating the $50 dollar lunch. It is repeated again as the elderly count out the coins, paying for the medicine the delivery boy is bringing.

I count nearly 257 posted names that are negative to your recall. The comment supporters against recall, that are stepping up to the plate with comments; I can make that count on my fingers. It will be in the last five days before an election that the voter will make up their minds.

The mayor can stop the process by calling his appointee “City Sectary” and tell him to recall the petition as it contains too many causes of action. It intertwines too many subjects for a single vote on a single cause for action.

The mayor can call upon our city attorneys, he appoints and ask if there is any one of them that can read at the eighth grade level.

(SECTION 9. APPLICABILITY OF STATE LAW........................................................ . Any matter pertaining to the government of the city not provided for in this amended Charter or by ordinance shall be governed by the laws of Oklahoma.


When many of the laws were written a diploma for completing the eighth grade was equivalent to four years of college today. This is why our public records are to be written at the eighth grade level.

Another course of action would be resigning the office. It would require an election to fill the vacant seat. There is no part of the amended charter that would prohibit submitting your name as a candidate. This would be a vote of confidence

Councilor Mautino seem to have trouble with the fence company that filled the water shed on Mingo to build a building for another 200 workers. It is rumored that if Councilor Mautino were to ask for a green card inspection there would be openings for several of Tulsa’s unemployed.

File an FOI request with the postmaster on who the person that signed for the mailing permit was. The Tulsa Tribunal is doing a good job among the people I talk with. If it were legal they possibly would suggest tar and feathers with a ride on a rail out of town.

Anonymous said...

To previous comments by "Kane".....

1)"The Tulsa Tribunal is doing a good job among the people I talk with"......
Our Response:
This is SIMPLY YOUR OPINION and we suggest you watch who you run around with. Once again, it is selfish and destructive from the core!

2)"If it were legal they possibly would suggest tar and feathers with a ride on a rail out of town"......
Our response:
Let's see, that would be for Mr. Poe, Mr. Davidson, Mr. Haschke, Mr. Bill (LaFortune)and others supporting the recall! Ummmm.....would this be for you, also, Kane?

Sounds good to we citizens of Tulsa! Enough of your intimidating comments! Take them somewhere else and spin your web! WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!


Kane said...

In your replying to Kane you rely on the Scotland born “John Paul” alias “Jones” in the sea battle of 1779 saying “I have not yet begun to fight”. When is the first shot to be fired across the bow?

You indicate the articles in the Tulsa Tribunal reflect my opinion. That is an untrue statement as my purpose is to show they are getting the licks in this childless propaganda exchanging of words. From what has been pointed out from the articles in the paper, they are winning the battles. The name-calling does not reflect quality of representation of the parties the voting people expect. All has been reduced to personalities alleged by opposing parties.

It was not my purpose to intimidate anyone or any group of citizens of Tulsa but to point out the citizen rights that are being violated at the expense of the taxpayers. The air has been filled with smoke screens covering the corruption of this city, which has grown to be accepted as a way of life. The exit to the suburbs can be used as the indicator of the apathy citizen’s feel toward being a part of a representative governing body.

Using words from Kennedy “......Ask what you can do for your country”.

Anonymous said...

I liked Kane's comment on the resignation requiring a new election as a means to dead end the recall. Then, register as a candidate for the vacant seat. That would surely wreck havoc on the well laid plans of the recall quacks.

Then, they'd also have to come up with a candidate, AND, support them (all above board)! HA!

Certainly, I'd consider it a last resort over a very damaging recall vote. As long as we're set to go to the polls....let us decide who gets the seat while we're at it, not just vote for removal/not and leave it to the quacks to pick a replacement. And, it's a cost neutral move as long as they're dragging us to the polls anyway.

Good deal.