Thursday, January 27, 2005

And Finally, Page 3

Interesting note. The seals of the City of Tulsa and Oklahoma were used without permission. The photographs of me "smurking" and scouling were used without permission. AND...Larry Mocha let me know after the Chamber's annual meeting, that his editorial was used without his permission.

Page 3: Click here.

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Anonymous said...

The seals of the City of Tulsa and State of Oklahoma were used ILLEGALLY! Seems there should be charges filed by both city and state, against THE TULSA TRIBUNAL, for this action. Or does this confirm the fact that SOMEONE in authority within the city and state are behind the pulication?? Ummmm........

And see, our MR. BILL (LaFortune) hasn't stepped up to the plate yet, has he? Are we surprised?

We still say, in this situation, the persons showing integrity and strength are Councilors Mautino and Medlock!

signed: GRASS ROOTS Citizens of Tulsa