Monday, January 24, 2005

Tulsa Today Joins Chorus of Voices Against Recall

Thanks to David Arnett and Tulsa Today for their well reasoned opinion piece against the recall efforts of the Metro Chamber and the Coalition for Responsible Government.

We have been saying for weeks now that we would welcome a debate or forum on the recall issue with the leadership of the CfRG. However, they have systematically avoided answering specific questions with specific answers, choosing instead to further veil their membership (and hence their true motives) by making non-sensical accusations of "terrorism" or "jack-booted" tactics.

Tulsa Today suggests that it is the larger unwillingness on the part of many of those benefiting from the city's policy of underwriting many of the "economic development" efforts, to answer questions regarding the wisdom of such policy, that now seems to be driving the current recall effort:

"Rather than answer these policy questions in public, a mysterious group has formed lead by “recently resigned” Chamber Board members that seek to recall outspoken City Councilors Chris Medlock and Jim Mautino. There is no basis for recall by State standards, but the Tulsa City Charter (drafted in large part by Savage protégée Gary Watts) is vague enough to allow it. Should recall be successful, replacements will be chosen by the remaining City Councilors thus removing representative government from two council districts in Tulsa. Should this happen, Tulsa will be demonstrably corrupt and under the dominion of evil as the sanctity of the American election process is betrayed."
They also make an excellent point regarding the growing backlash within the membership of the very groups that are supposedly sanctioning this anti-democratic attempt to unseat Jim Mautino and me, which may eventually further damage their own cause:

"It is important to know that every realtor, builder, contractor, association staff, and members of the Metropolitan Tulsa Chamber of Commerce and or their employees are not necessarily in agreement with the leadership of their respective organizations. We do not disrespect those individuals, the organizational missions or their importance within the community. However, this recall effort is forwarded by political idiots. Rather than limit dissent (the apparent purpose); the recall effort has promoted City Councilors Chris Medlock and Jim Mautino to hero status. Way to go numb-nuts, the recall has become a call-to-arms for increasing opposition with martyrs provided."
You can read the entire article by clicking here.

Thanks to Tulsa Today for joining their voice to the growing chorus of concerned Tulsans who know the recall effort is more about selfish personal interests and maintaining a network of influence than about the actions of two Tulsa city councilors.

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