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Liars, Damned Liars and the Coalition for Responsible Government 2004

Just after the now infamous "Tulsa Tribunal" was delivered to most of the registered voters in my district, I posted the following response on the forums, as part of a discussion about the recall.

I decided to post it here, on my blog, for those that are checking in with my writings, but aren't a regular in the TulsaNow forums.

I received a copy of the Tulsa Tribunal from a District 2 supporter this afternoon and we've been equally stunned by the brazen lack of concern for civility, accuracy or truth.You're correct that they mention John Gray by name in one of the "articles," but fail to mention that Mr. Gray is a member of the Political Action Committee of the Greater Tulsa Area Realtors. He also is a long time supporter of Darla Hall and isn't happy that I am not going to reappoint him to the Sales Tax Overview Committee (he represents District 2, but lives in District 8).

Who else is a driving force on the GTAR PAC? Chuck Patterson is. What is the name on the front page article? Fred Patterson. Coincidence? Who am I to say?You also cite the story on my "trouble making" while a student at UCT 1n 1990.

The headline reads, "Stirring Controversy and Picking Fights Nothing New for Medlock."

One direct quote reads, "Yet all those years ago, there was one voice who objected even to the first stage in the process leading up to OSU-Tulsa. Can you guess who? Chris Medlock."According to a news story in the Tulsa World March 30, 1990, then-student Chris Medlock argued against taking the school to the next step. He [Medlock] called consortium 'an ugly word - no one understands what it is.'"

The implication is that I was against UCT and wanted to subvert its development into a branch campus for one of the major universities. To bad the story neglects to mention that I was:
  • An advocate for more programming and greater student services.
  • Worked to have one of the major universities become the lead school. Which one? Whichever one was willing to commit the most programming to Tulsa.
  • That I wasn't a solitary voice but was the student body president for two years. In fact, two other students and I spent a summer collecting signatures on a petition (sound familiar?) so that we could form a Student Government Association.
  • In 1990, I was voted "Student Senator of the Year" by my peers. The award was presented to me at an awards banquet that we fought for, so that students at UCT had access to the same honors programs as students on the home campuses.
  • That I picked up the diploma for my BS in Marketing (yes...I realize that is redundant)...during the first ever commencement ceremony held for UCT students. Previously, students and their families had to travel to Norman, Tahlequah, Stillwater or Langston to get their diplomas. The SGA that we formed got the ceremony established.
  • That we got low income students access to fee waiver scholarship money that wasn't available to UCT students, because of the peculiarity that UCT was a "consortium" but wasn't a school. As such, students could't apply for these necessary benefits. How dare we pick a fight?
  • That Rodger Randall, as UCT President, named me an Outstanding Graduate of UCT in 1995. Who else was so honored? Well...Disrict 4 Councilor Tom Baker and State Rep. Lucky Lamons to name just two others.

Yes...that's right Coalition for Responsible Government. I was a troublemaker.

Oh by the way...the story they cite about my saying Consortium was an "ugly word?" Well...They were wanting to change the name of UCT from "University Center at Tulsa" to "University Consortium at Tulsa," with the caveat that UCT would have to remain a consortium for at least ten years. We were pushing for a branch of OU or OSU, so we weren't in support of this backdoor deal in OKC.

"Costs would far outweigh the benefits of changing the name of the University Center at Tulsa, says Chris Medlock, chairman of the UCT Student Advisory Committee.

And, if a new title is in order, students and Tulsa citizens should have something to say about it, since Tulsa taxpayers provided $15 million in sales taxes to pay for the UCT campus, Medlock added."

"He called consortium "an ugly word - no one knows what it is. 'Since so few funds are being granted UCT, the money would be better spent on student services. But the real issues are getting more (degree) programs brought into the Tulsa area," said Medlock. He noted the higher regents at the last meeting approved only four of 16 new programs requested.

"They denied 75 percent of the requests. For every one of the 12 programs denied, there are dozens or hundreds of people who will not be served educationally." the way. Turns out the Board of Trustees agreed with me. A month later, they voted down the name change. I guess CRG2004 didn't think that worth mentioning, either.

If you would like to read the full text of three pertinent stories mentioned in this posting, you can do so by clicking on the three links below.

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