Tuesday, January 25, 2005

And Now...Page Two.

Sorry to be drizzling this out so slowly. The pace isn't intentional. Here is a link to Page 2 of the Tulsa Tribunal.

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Kane said...

When one listens to the fool; he at times has intelligent words to say. Much is written in passive format, which causes even the intelligent speed-reader to slow down. It is not uncommon for persons to misspell words and omit punctuation in order for this class to slow their reading habits and search for reasoning.
This Forum has turned into a good advertisement for the recall boys. Their argument being used shows planning. Those editing the Tulsa Tribunal have done their research. They would possibly contribute to this Blog if it continues to furnish to the citizens a copy of their mailings.
This Blogging is made available by the councilors under recall which could bring an end to their political futures. It is being used to intimidate the present and future councilors.
Those being recalled are under funded and the course they are pursuing cannot be accomplished without the help of free people who want a voice in their governing. We fight a war, half a world away to give the people a free democracy while we do not have a democracy nor are we free to choose representatives without the threat of removal. It is forbidden to say “NO“ when their names are called on the vote. In the town hall meeting promoting the amending of the charter it was explained the voter could approve or disapprove their councilor actions every two years.
We are not looking for the corruption within city boards that like a cancer may be growing each day; but we look for integrity having many facets, which we are throwing around so loosely. We have a “May I Mayor” charter that makes it impossible for councilors to perform their part-time duties, as individuals representing their district, unless they ask the mayor’s permission first.
These councilors are a threat to the status quo as was demonstrated by the recent refusal of the mayor to appoint replacements to a board. He chose to stand firm on refusing to submit a choice of any replacements, thus the powers of the people’s representatives were overridden.
This forum, provided by the recall councilors, seems to have very little response from the people. We have documentation obtained under the FOI act covering the last 25 years of the city government. Some going back to the early 1960’s. From these a conclusion can be drawn that the councilors need all the citizen help they can get. The hill they seek to climb is very steep and if the voters are to prevail as a unified community it is time to stand up to be counted. If it comes to a vote, remember there will be a full-page (economy development) ad in the paper stating increasing homeless is because we haven’t sold the water (a short number years ago we were on water rationing) we were short of. Now in the wet cycle we are committing our water source (we paid for) and destroying our tax structure by encouraging the movement to suburbia. In the event of the drought years will we be required to furnish the water to those we have compacts with? Guess who will pay for the back door ad’s
We still have a “one-man one vote”, so ever vote cast by a citizen, is a vote for local representation.
The county election board had videotape on what happens when apathy of the voters keeps them from voting.
Ask your neighbor what he expects from the representative elected in a free election?