Monday, January 24, 2005

Extra! Extra! Tulsa Tribunal Takes Truth To New Low

To date, Tulsans for Election Integrity have yet to distribute any information in opposition to recall. To some degree, this is the result of our having raised very little funds to date. However, we haven't gone after many funds to date, as we have been giving the Mayor an opportunity to end this recall before we have to trouble our supporters by asking for money.

However, no mailer or commercial produced by TEI could ever show exactly how sophomoric, selfish and dishonest the recall proponent are, better than the Tulsa Tribunal mock-newsletter that was sent to my constituents twe weeks ago.

Believing that anyone who reads this thing (especially if they are familiar with the ranting of Mr. Bob Poe at the Chamber's annual meeting last week), will see which side is the side of the angels, I have decided to post it in .jpeg format for downloading.

That way, if you live outside of the district, you don't have to be denied access to what may well live as one of the worst strategic blunders ever devised by a political campaign.

I have only been able to scan and clean up the front and back covers. I hope to have the two inside pages available for your amusement and edification within the next couple of days.

Page One: Click here

Page Four: Click here


Kane said...

There seems to be less reasoning in your post as each day goes by. You are attacking the trees trying to get to the forest. The time has come by not posting those things that are of interest to your districts you are loosing credibility. To set the record the straight the charter changes were started in the early ‘60’. Check the archives at the CC and get the chronically steps taken to provide a charter that can circumvent the citizens suffrage guaranteed by the Oklahoma constitution. It was revised by the former city attorney that carries out the directions of the good-old-boys with the golden speeches to get passage before the council. The final revisal changing of 11 councilor positions to 9, gained him a CITY paycheck of $20,000 dollars with a $3,000 dollar bonus for such a good job.

The charter contains many silent rules that are accepted because under the charter those thing that apply only to the city, circumvents the state statutes.
The first and only lady mayor did not appear as mayor until after the charter was in place, signed, sealed and delivered. She was elected in a winner takes all process. She was most efficient soothing conflicts within the city hall.

A search of the donations is well documented in the fillings of who was brought to the city to get the charter passed. If you remember in ‘89 we had portable signs running up and down the streets promoting such a person for mayor. The signs, called the city transit system, that all the passengers used, could be fulfilled with mini-vans but there would not have the room for signs on their sides.

You have approved another $250 million dollar bond issue hiding it behind the streets. Is it not true that we receive road tax from the Federal government, (one dollar a month for each head count) we receive state road taxes, city sales taxes (sold to citizens to fix roads) but most all this money goes for administration cost? Now the mayor wants to give the CC time to formulate a campaign to promote the tax charging the taxpayer thousands of dollars. Is there any bureaucracy, being we have a barn fill of them, that ever gets around to do what they have promise when they want the citizens to further tax and mortgage their property. Isn’t it odd that the foreign countries are making investment buying our land. They love these delinquent tax sales of property.

The constituents in your district want accountability for the overburden increasing taxes that are going to cost them their homes. Isn’t it time to address the needs of the community instead of badmouthing those who are trying to keep you making your blunders?

Anonymous said...

I haven't read such a rambling, disjointed posting in quite awhile.
Wonder what it said.

Pass the Dorito's

Anonymous said...

Councilor Medlock, you mentioned.....
"we have been giving the Mayor an opportunity to end this recall".........

How gracious of you! Hope he comes through, for all our sakes!! We are not really holding our breath on it, but, maybe our prayers will be answered and we can all get to the business of the city. This has gone on long enough (really, FAR TOO LONG!).

Now, Mr. Mayor, it is your turn......

Anonymous said...

Post Number 1 is rambling and distorted.

It's either a non-native English-challenged post-graduate student here abouts practicing his/her English.


It's the MAYOR disguising himself as a non-native English-challenged post-graduate student.

And, thanks for posting parts of the Tribunal. I don't live in the affected Recall Districts, so I haven't seen a copy yet.

The Tribunal really picked the right name. It is really rather like an extra-judicial Inquisition, lacking any balance or semblance for a local political checks-and-balances system.

Whew, what a horrible screed! Definitely bound for future bird cage floor covering.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Medlock (and Mr. Mautino).

Anonymous said...

Indeed, THANK YOU, for taking the time to post the copy of "The Tulsa Tribunal"......for those of us, not in District 2 or 6.

Still seems illegal to use the State and City Logos along with the title of the flyer! Does that mean we all can use those anytime we want, for any reason, 'cause we live in Tulsa?? Doesn't the City of Tulsa and State of Oklahoma legal departments have a responsibility to monitor this sort of thing??

Anonymous said...

Chris, Thank you (and Jim, Jack and Rosco) for standing up for what's right. We moved away from Tulsa in '88, due to an economic downturn in Tulsa, and returned in 2000. My first reaction upon returning was "everything in Tulsa has gone to hell in a handbasket". We so desperately need a change of charter. We again need a street commissioner, who will be held accountable for the condition of the streets. I could have told you, without knowing the political party of the then mayor, what the mayor's party affiliation was. I did support our current mayor during his election, but will not make the same mistake twice. Unfortunately, I am in Bill Christianson's district, but he's less useful than the mayor, as far as I'm concerned. I so appreciate you representing all the citizens of Tulsa, not just those in your district. I feel much better represented by you than my current city councilor. I am sorry you and Jim are experiencing the distractions of the recall, but please, don't give up. You have mine and my family's support.

Anonymous said...

AND prayers.