Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The "Stirring Dwarfs" File Recall Petitions

"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

As proof that movies sometimes slant our view of history, I thought the preceding quote was made by Admiral Yamamoto of the Imperial Japanese Navy, after he was asked why he didn't share the great glee of his compatriots upon the receipt of news that the attack on Pearl Harbor had been a rousing success.

In fact, due dilligence has shown that the quote is attributable most likely to the screenwriters of the movie, "Tora! Tora! Tora!" which I saw many times when I was in 7th grade.

This makes me once again recognize the danger of the possible impact of the historical revisionists in Hollywood. However, that blog post is for another day.

Today we learned the the Coalition for Responsible Government has filed the second round of recall petitions with the Tulsa City Clerk. I am bombarded right now with requests for interviews and calls of support. Too much so to write a detailed assessment of the day's news.

However, I did want to call to the attention of both our supporters and detractors, the quote and it's relevence in this "historical drama."

As for the "Stirring Dwarfs" reference? It is from a larger quote from William Shakespeare's "Agamemnon", which says:

"A stirring dwarf we do allowance give
Before a sleeping giant."

Where the "sleeping giant" refers to one who refuses to fight. I hope we won't be accused of being a sleeping giant when this issue comes before the people.

The fight has begun in earnest.


Anonymous said...

Those who signed the petitions will become public knowledge, won't they?

Indeed, the fight has begun in earnest! The citizens with integrity are standing with you, Chris, and Jim Mautino. You are both very strong and wise men! We know the Lord is watching over you and will have HIS WILL in this situation!

Anonymous said...

Since the city paid $50,000 dollars for a report saying the city was overburdened with administrative personal (which in a short time made it to the shredder) and now the federal government is about to eliminate some of the grants. Is it possible that next we will hear that we have to lay off two policemen in order to pay the $90,000 dollars for an additional administration department head?

These two councilors that are subject to recall are a threat to the business as usual of the good old boys that run the city.

This is the last chance for the voters to say “NO” to such recall actions. If citizens want a democratic government it is time to show it. If they want a say in how they are governed; get behind these councilors who have stuck there necks out against the worst kind of dictatorship where the apathy of the voter has encourage it. It is time to be heard on how you want your city run. Let the department heads show responsibility for the taxpayer’s money instead of asking for more taxes. The well is dry.

Anonymous said...

It is our understanding that among the "stirring dwarfs" we will find "leaders" of OWASSO, BIXBY, JENKS......
Wonder if they are gratified to be a part of a "DESTRUCTIVE FEW", making the Tulsa area the laughing stock of the country!?
Mayor LaFortune has sure let the citizens down....but then, are we surprised? He has had several chances and he has BLEW THEM ALL!

Anonymous said...

You might be concerned with revisionists, but if you don't know anything about history, its better not to ask. The more a person learns about history, the more a person learns how badly our own is written. And the practice most certainly didn't start with Hollywood.