Tuesday, September 06, 2005

3rd Penny Town Hall

Not sure how I got it that tonight's meeting with the Mayor and "his constituents" was set for 6PM rather than 7PM, which is the case. Now I find myself at the Zarrow Library with time to kill.

As such, I'm trying to blog for the first time, using my Palm Treo 650. The tiny keyboard is a bit daunting...but not as daunting as the task our mayor has before him tonight. I am halfway through a draft installment about my disappointment with Mr. LaFortune's attempted "end around" the Council's leaning towards only extending the 2001 tax for a year or so. I'll file that later.

Needless to say, the mayor will have to convince the public that it is better to put forward a 6 year extension during a municipal election that could be very contentious, at a time when many Tulsa voters are wary about bridges to Bixby, arenas with funding to build but not necessarily operate, and a Mayor who to my knowledge has the re-election support of nary a single sitting city councilor.

Well, the Tulsa World reporter has arrived, so I'll wrap this up and report later when I have more information and a bigger keyboard.

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Savage Baptist said...

I thought I'd leave a comment just 'cause I could.

I hope LaFortune runs and runs hard. I can't think of anything likely to be funnier.

Best of luck in the race.