Friday, September 30, 2005

Yeah...But At Least It Fires High Caliber Ammo!

Yeah…But At Least It Fires High Caliber Ammo!

One more observation about the World’s laughable editorial about me, entitled “Confused.” The final lines of the anonymous pundit’s screed was:

“We can expect more of the same from Medlock as he uses his council seat to campaign for mayor. He at least ought to get his facts straight before he shoots off his mouth.”

Question for the World opinionistas…Is Mayor LaFortune using his mayoral seat to campaign for mayor? Well of course he is. What do you think all those 3rd Penny Town Hall Meetings were?

I attended four of the five and I can tell you for a fact, they were campaign stops complete with city employees on the tax payers time-clock.

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