Thursday, October 06, 2005

But If You Catch Them, You've Got Calimari.

Which goes great with "red meat." Especially "great big chunks of red meat!"

Not really sure how I missed this posting on Michael Bates' Batesline. Maybe it was the title:

"Squid use ink to cloud the waters and escape, too"

I guess I was in a hurry, scanned the title and reasoned that I wasn't in the mood for a marine biology lesson on the evasion techniques of ten tenticled aquatic creatures. Afterall, Bates is a MIT grad and it is rumored that if he was to suffer from male pattern baldness, his receding hairline would reveal an actual point atop his head [I'm kidding...folks, we're old friends].

Anyway, the posting is acutally about P. J. ("Punch & Jab") Lassek's Sunday article oulining former Airport Investigator Wilson Busby's allegations that, among other things, I do bear impressions and have a penchant for taking my steaks rare (VERY rare.)! Here's an excerpt:

Busby was retained by the City Council for their investigation into the Tulsa Airport Authority, which also covered publicly-subsidized Great Plains Airlines. Busby was hired on the recommendation of Roop. A thread connecting the two men is political consultant Jim Burdge, who managed Roop's campaigns for Council and who shared an office with Busby. Burdge also managed campaigns for Bill Christiansen and Randy Sullivan, and he worked for the Coalition for Responsible Government 2004, the group that sought to recall Councilors Chris Medlock and Jim Mautino.

The two associates are accusing Medlock of trying to turn the airport investigation into some sort of witchhunt. Busby claims he saw Medlock pose like a bear and demand "red meat". When I read that, I couldn't help but think of Tim the Enchanter, in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," warning the knights of the killer rabbit: "Death awaits you all, with nasty big pointed teeth!" (Click here for audio)

Why would Roop go after Medlock? Roop's boss would lose his job (and so would Roop) if Medlock's campaign is successful.
Give it a read. You might even learn a thing or two about squid.

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