Monday, October 10, 2005

John Brock: How Do You Know?

I hope I can break down John Brock's diatribe in the Reader's Forum section of the Tulsa World on Sunday. But while I try to negotiate through his convoluted logic and rhetoric that makes me think it was more likely written by Steve Turnbo (or one of his paid PR people) than Mr. Brock himself, let me pose this simple question with regard to the following statement from his remarks.

A minority of the city councilors does not want to honor that commitment. The excuse is that BOK knew or should have known that the commitment of the City Council could not be trusted, and therefore BOK doesn't deserve to be paid.
Over the past couple of months, we on the City Council have been holding a series of Executive Sessions with regard to the BOK lawsuit against the airport board. We've met five or six times and the discussions have been lively. But what's most interesting, if you didn't know, is that the public isn't allowed inside of a executive session. Why? Because, since the topic regards our position and strategies with legal counsel regarding the city's position in a lawsuit, disclosure of our discussions could weaken the city's ability to negotiate or try a case.

So, if every councilor was respecting the confidentiality of the executive session process, how does John Brock know that "a minority of city councilors does not want to honor that commitment?" Who spilled the beans?

Could it be Randy Sullivan, who after every meeting rushes from the meeting room to his council office to make phone calls behind a closed door? Or, is it Susan Neal, who during a verbal assault on my motives behind pursuit of the Airport Investigation, referred to remarks I had made in "another session in this very room?" That's right, one of the executive sessions!

The "Gang of Four" is constantly barraged by the Tulsa World for a supposed lack of integrity. Ironically, we're not the one's leaking our discussions to the parties involved in the law suit.

You have no idea how much I am chomping at the bit to enlighten the citizens about the shennanigans that are going on behind closed doors. You won't have to wait long.

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bamlock said...

About the same as the phone call Christiansan received from Ron Turner right after an executive meeting at the airport. Christiansan was overheard saying "they can't make me sell them can they" or close to that I believe