Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Composition or "Compost?"

Buried in the last two paragraphs of the Tulsa World's coverage of yesterday's mayoral candidate forum held by the Tulsa Real Estate Coalition (TREC) was the following:

"The candidates also spoke of the importance of having a working relationship with the City Council and how they would accomplish that.

"LaFortune blamed his recent discord with the council on the council’s composition."
Hmmm...what exactly does that mean?

Does Bill LaFortune expect, as mayor, that he should have a council that agrees with him on everything? Isn't the challenge of executive leadership exemplified by an ability overcome differences to reach desired end? Just exactly which councilors does Mr. LaFortune work closely with?

The possibility exists that the current reality in which Bill LaFortune finds himself, just four short weeks prior to the mayoral primary vote, might change. However, to date, this startling fact remains.

The incumbent Republican mayor of the City of Tulsa, can not list a single Tulsa City Councilor who is endorsing him for re-election. This is especially stunning given that the current make up of the council with regard to partisan "composition" is six Republicans and three Democrats.

Can anyone envision a sitting governor not having most of the legislator's from his party supporting his re-election? How about a president and his party's congressional delegation.

No...the problem isn't one of composition. The problem is more one of "compost." As in, "keep spreading it on thick and maybe some votes might sprout."


XFI MMA said...

I think LaFortune has a very distorted view of city politics. I think you're right, he does expect a council to be his puppets. He expects a round table of fools who agree with every word he says and he expects to never be contended.

The problem with him isn't composition. It's comprehension. LaFortune relies solely on his namesake to get him around this city and he's missing the point. A point I believe you can make known. The people are what matter in this city and it's high time we see someone prove that to us. You, Sir, have my vote.

-Republican Vet

Savage Baptist said...

I registered Republican for your sake.

Scott said...

TYPros is having a candidate meet and greet at the Cain's on Feb 28th. Just wondering... have you gotten your invitation to this one, or will there be another rally across the street? These fools are starting to border on ridiculous. How more people don't see through their antics is beyond me.