Friday, March 02, 2007

KOTV: Link To Marler Story On Illegal Immigration

Tami Marler, a former classmate of mine in graduate business school, filed her last story as a KOTV reporter on Wednesday night and it was a dandy!

Marler, who is going on to work in communications for the Tulsa Public Schools, hit the mark in a way local TV news seldom does. Because the story is "must see" TV for anyone who doesn't understand the impact that illegals are having on our community, I'm providing a link to the story below.

Illegal Immigrants In Car Crashes

Good work Tami. You deserve an award for this story, but because of the subject matter, I doubt one is coming your way.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this up on your website. I missed it on the news. At least the Sheriff's office is stepping up to the plate. Where are the Tulsa Police? Where is the leadership of Tulsa? This could all come to a halt with the proper leadership. Stay with it Chris.

Anonymous said...

historically, and by law, the sheriff will be the lead law enforcement for Tulsa. the city cannot hire a chief with 3 qualified candidates... ? that is why we elect a Sheriff !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information and story link. I was wondering what happened to Tami, and now I know. It is sad that she is not giving me the weekend news anymore. Now I can go find someone else worth watching. She was honest and believable, and the best looking of the bunch too. Tami is missed, by me anyway.