Monday, March 05, 2007

Rudy McRomney

Michael Bates has an intriguing piece over on Batesline, outlining how budget restrictions among the various mainstream media outlets might limit any discussion regarding presidential contenders to the the top two or three contenders in each party. I have a bit of a different slant on this possible development.

Currently, the mainstreamers are telling America, nearly every night, that the top three Republican contenders for the nation's highest office are, Rudy Guiliani (of New York City), John McCain (of Arizona) and Mitt Romney (of These three in toto, have been tagged by witty conservatives as "Rudy McRomney."

If we're all totally honest, these three "front runners" are three Republicans that Democrats could learn to love. Why, because they are, to a man, very much like the candidates that the Democrats ran in key congressional races in order to take control of both houses last November. In other words, "fiscally conservative" but "socially moderate".

Guiliani is a supporter of gun control and abortion. McCain is soft on immigration reform and Romney presided over the first state in the nation to grant homosexuals the right to marry. It wouldn't take you long, my friends, to scan the GOP platform to find that these positions aren't consistent with the majority of Republicans.

So here's my slant in the form of a less-than-rhetorical question:

You don't think the mainstream media, which is made up almost exclusively with left-of-center individuals, might use their power to direct the national dialog toward three "acceptable" Republicans in order to assure that no conservative serves as our next president, do you?

You can almost hear the collective apology from the mainstream media.

"Gee America, we know that early polls, like those we're depending on, are driven by name recognition, and we know these three are well known because we've made them so...and we further recognize that no other, more conservative candidates will become well known unless we give them coverage. But we're SOOOO strapped for cash that we can only cover the top two or three candidates (top two if Newt Gingrich enters the race to become the number three guy).

If they haven't thought of this as a pro-active strategy, they should have. This makes it all the more important for conservatives to get their act together and rally behind a single candidate, as soon as possible. Otherwise, the mainstreamers will continue to attempt to marginalize us as unwilling to accept a more "mainstream" republican as our nominee.

Don't believe me? Check out the following story filed by those wacky, objective journalists over at ABC News? They report on the three front runners being lumped as one unacceptable pack of RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) by conservatives as proof that the party's right-wing "fears" these three candidates.

Oh wait. I guess they're right. They sure scare the Hell out of me!

What really concerns the editors and report staff at ABC is that former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, is standing third in the current polls with 14 per cent of the party's support. As I reported below, at least among Tulsa's grassroots republicans, Gingrich is far more popular than the parts (but not the sum-of-the-parts) of Rudy McRomney.

Let it be known up front, that I am a big fan of Newt's. In fact, before attending the RNC in 2004, when asked on a delegation questionnaire to name my favorite political figure, either past or present, I listed Newt as mine. Actually, I was the only member of the Oklahoma delegation to do so.

That being said, I have some serious reservations about Newt as a candidate, given how polarizing he is. However, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are pretty polarizing, too (or at least will be by the time the election rolls around). As such, I would much rather win or lose with someone who shares my values and policy beliefs.
So here's hoping that Brownback, Gilmore or Huckabee can catch fire. Until then, we're all going to have to shake our collective heads over the possibility that the conservative mantle will have to be carried by any part of Rudy McRomney.


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when, or how does Oklahoma voters influence the national GOP ?

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