Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Will KOTV Downsizing Lead to Troubling Trend?

For those of us that love our hometown want to see it remain independent and thriving, the news yesterday from Griffin Communications is troubling. They are downsizing which isn't surprising, as media are doing that a great deal lately, which I know only all too personally.

However, KOTV has a twist. Regina Moon, the long time senior manager at the station has been laid off. With her departure, KOTV's operations will now answer to management in Oklahoma City. Griffin is assuring everyone that Tulsa will not get short shrift, or play second fiddle. But I think the very fact that the company chose OKC's operations to survive belies such assurances.

Will OKC now be determining what is important to Tulsa? What kind of effect, if any, will this have on content? Only time will tell. However, it's troubling enough to me that I think I'll be watching more of the competition when I look for news, weather and sports. Hopefully, if enough of us change the dial, Griffin will undo this travesty at the earliest possible time.

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Todd said...

They should hire some local radio guy to take up some slack and keep things focused on TULSA issues.

I know such a guy! He may be available!

I am listening to his archived podcasts now, and I think he could do well on TV as much as he rocked on radio!