Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lawyer Shopping Ashley Biden Snort Video Quits

If it is truly the youngest daughter of Vice President Joe Biden that is seen on a hidden camera video snorting cocaine, then you know steps will be taken to suppress who sees the tape. There is no doubt that a video of the Veeps daughter, Ashley, blithely snorting coke will damage the Obama Administration and prove to be another major reason that "Oh...That's Just Joe" might not be invited for a second go on Obama's ticket in three years.

But what is very interesting is the fact that it now appears that the DC lawyer who has been shopping the embarrassing video to various mainstream and tabloid media has now dropped his client. How many phone calls did it take to make this happen?

Will the public ever see the video? Don't put money on it that we will. Economic times are tough and you need to hold onto every penny you can.

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