Friday, June 26, 2009

Are Dewey's and Kathy's Campaigns One and the Same?

Silly question that title, right?

Well Bartlett is praising Taylor and saying he hopes to continue to run things as she has done. But the same campaign? Get serious!

Well, take a look at the composite photo I created of yard signs from the two campaigns. Taylor's and Bartlett's signs are different color schemes, but check out the little graphical element in the upper-left corner. Pretty much the exact same thing!

Earth shattering? No. Intriguing? I think so.

So did Mayor Taylor merely hand over the baton?


David Van said...

This is great!
You frame the debate in a way where Dewey has to prove to Republicans that he's not a "Midtown-Blueblood-progressive-autocrat-downtowner.

Excellent move, Chris.

Jai Blevins said...

Kinda' looks that way, doesn't it? All I know, is we can't have more of the same, and Bartlett, Christiansen, and Westcott, all look to much like Kathy Taylor!(politically, not physically!)

Anonymous said...

David Walters also used a similar logo on his Senate stuff.