Thursday, June 04, 2009

Kathy Taylor Bows Out

KOTV the News On Six is reporting that Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor will not seek re-election. The station's website reports that Taylor will be making an official statement in a television spot to begin Friday. In it, she states that she is "a business person not a mayor."

Rumors have been circulating for weeks that Taylor was interviewed in Tulsa by representatives of the Obama administration for a position in the Commerce Department. Taylor had served as Oklahoma's Secretary of Commerce in the Brad Henry administration prior to running for mayor. In fact, it is something that I had publicly speculated upon as far back as two years ago, that she might be seeking such a post, should a Democrat win the seat.

Obviously, this takes what was considered to be a tight race with few GOP candidates eager to take on Taylor's money, to a race that could draw several Republicans seeking the nomination.

More on this as facts become known.


Unknown said...

Hey my name is Caleb Rice I was previously an employee of DJ Connection. I am currently a political science major at Tulsa Community College (Democrat) I was very active on facebook during the election of President Obama. After the election was over I kept my Political facebook groups going in hopes that I could keep other young people in a political mindset and that i could provide a much needed voice for the liberal Christian community.
I kept a close eye on my old boss Clay Clark as he announced his candidacy for T-Town mayor. after reviewing his policies and reflecting on him as a person I decided that not only is this guy one of the good republicans but he is actually more in line with what i want to see on a local level than any Democrat I have come across. Mr. Clarks background of hard work and entrepreneurship and refreshing economic policies of small buisness won me over and now Im voting for him and getting onboard with the campaign. finally we see a person who can be an ideal Republican and still represent everyone. I ask you keep a close eye on him and his campaign!

Anonymous said...

Layoffs at FOX23, Newport Stations.

The owners of Tulsa's FOX23 Friday announced they will be laying off 33 of their workforce, and implementing mandatory two-week furloughs for all for Newport Television.

In Tulsa, FOX23 layoffs include reporters Kaci Christian and Marianly Mendez.

Radio Fan said...

Chris, it's still gratifying that you're "still here."

Anonymous said... that you Clay?