Friday, September 02, 2005

Please Remit Your Dilligence Immediately

Dear County Commissioners,

We regret to inform you that it appears your dilligence is over 60 days past due. Your dilligence was due prior to your approval of a toll bridge that smacks of favoritism and a complete lack of planning.

For a detailed accounting of your failure to remit your due dillegence, please click here.

In order to maintain your good credit with the voters of the City of Tulsa, we ask that you return the offer you made to Infrastructure Ventures, Inc (aka Cinnabar) and review the entire project from a perspective of intergovernmental cooperation and responsible governmental stewardship. Failure to remit your due dillengence could permanently impact your community credit and negatively impact your political capital.

Thank you for your attention,

The Voters of Tulsa County

1 comment:

bamlock said...

Also please refund in advanced monies (campaign contibutions, golf fees, Hawaii trips..oops we paid for that I forgot) you might have received by IVI aka Cinnabar so they can use it to repay part of that $700,000 back to the airport.