Monday, March 23, 2009

Tulsa Fishwrap: Krehbiel Takes Cheap Shot at Brogdon

The Tulsa World's political reporter Randy Krehbiel just can't help himself when it comes to conservatives running for office. He seems fixated on the John Birch Society and can't seem to write a story about Randy Brogdon or Sally Bell without over selling the two's involvement in the patriotic group. Krehbiel's gone so far, in past stories, as to cite JBS positions from the 1950's to try to maximize public concern about Brogdon or Bell's membership in the group.

But Moday's brief report by Krehbiel about Brogdon's formation of an exploratory committee to look into the Owasso Senator's potential bid for Governor sinks to a new low. In the final paragraph (which is where they like to drop their little stink bombs) Krehbiel writes,
"Brogdon has been active in the so-called taxpayers' bill of rights movement and is a national spokesman for the John Birch Society. He has also been outspoken in support of state sovereignty and in opposition to national identification cards and data gathering."
I spoke with Sen. Brogdon and confirmed that he has never gone out and spoken publicly on behalf of the JBS. Krehbiel's wording is an obvious attempt to make Brogdon seem like he is more than just a member of the group. " looks like he's a recruiter and muckity-muck."

Brogdon has been asked to speak at a few JBS gatherings, but isn't anything more than a member of the group. Krehbiel also made several mistakes in his coverage of Brogdon from Sunday's paper in the Political Notebook section. He reports in the Sunday Fishwrap,
"State Rep. Randy Brogdon, R-Owasso, is becoming something of a national celebrity in certain circles. A member of the John Birch Society speakers bureau, Brogdon appeared in 10th Amendment rallies in Harrisburg, Pa., and Tulsa during the past week.

"Tenth Amendment legislation is one of the John Birch Society's leading causes. "
The highlighted sentence shows the rhetorical legerdemaine that Krehbiel is utilizing to attempt to paint Brogdon in a negative light. While it is true Brogdon is a member of the JBS speakers bureau [the phrase before the comma in the sentence], Brogdon appeared at the 10th Amendment rally in Harrisburg, Pa., at the behest of the Pennsylvania Legislature and not the JBS. No statement in the sentence is false, but Krehbiel clearly leads the reader to a false conclusion that Brogdon went to Pennsylvania to speak to the controversial group, rather than a much more flattering realilty that he was invited by fellow legislators.

This is the kind of media bias that needs to be exposed. Krehbiel surely isn't that much of a hack to have done this accidentally. It's clear his superiors at the Fishwrap are wanting to put the brakes on a Brogdon candidacy before it gets started.

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