Thursday, April 30, 2009

"I'm Telling You What He Meant To Say."

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs elicited laughter from the usually pro-administration White House press corps, by uttering the words "I'm telling you what he meant to say."

What who meant to say, you ask? Why the human gaffe machine Joe Biden, aka the Vice-President.

Representatives of the travel industry were aghast when Biden said on Thursday's Today Show on NBC that he wouldn't travel in enclosed spaces like airplanes and subways. Listen for yourself what Biden said, and determine for yourself what you think he meant to say.

Seems pretty clear to me that the Veep has been telling friends and family to not travel while the H1N1 virus is lurking about. If you're an executive for American Airlines (Tulsa's #1 employer) you can't be very happy hearing this from "Oh That's Just Joe."

You can even hear at the end of the CNN report the male anchor suggest that they will await a "clarification" from the administration. No kidding?

So now listen to the inept spin doctor stylings of Robert Gibbs as he takes questions from ABC's Jake Tapper.

Instead of trying pitifully to explain what Biden "meant to say," why doesn't Obama just send Gibbs onto Today so that he can tell the entire nation "what the Vice-President would say, if the President let him come out to play."

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