Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Louis Caldera: White House Scapegoat

Now that the MSM is more interested in discussing Arlen Specter's jump back to the Democrat party than they are Air Force One buzzing the people of lower Manhattan, it's time to put our thinking caps on. Do you really think that Louis Caldera, the low-level apparatchik in the Obama White House is the highest ranking official to have signed off on this wasteful and insensitive stunt?

Give it some thought.

1] This guy, Caldera, has the stroke to order Air Force officials to spend $300,000 of tax payer money to send one of the president's highly protected personal jets, worth tens of millions of dollars, to fly to NYC for a photo op?

2] If Caldera does have the stroke, he caused one Hell of a stir. He panicked people on both sides of the Hudson River, causing people to run in the streets, scream in fear and even evacuate office towers in both New York and New Jersey. How much productivity was lost? What is the economic impact of all of the time lost on the job by the thousands who took note or took action when Air Force One came by to buzz them? Given the monetary and psychological cost of this stunt, why has Caldera only been privately reprimanded? If this isn't a fireable offense in the Obama White House, what is?

It is the fact that Caldera hasn't been fired that makes anyone with a scintilla of sense smell a rat. Caldera is falling on his sword on this one, probably at the behest of his superiors, who want to maintain the illusion that Obama, or anyone close to Obama, knew nothing about this. Sure the buck stops in the oval office, but Obama was supposed to the the sensitivity president. How could someone who was going to raise politics to a level that transcended partisanship and divides have anything to do with something so callous and thoughtless.

Believe me, they don't want any of this to stick on "the Big O."

If Caldera truly acted alone, he should be fired. But I'm of the opinion that they will never fire Caldera, because he knows the truth and is willing to take the hit for the administration.

Look for him to get a big promotion of some kind, in or out of government. Maybe as an air traffic dispatcher.


Angry American said...

No matter how the Whitehouse spins this, it is just another example of how Obama and his administration don't think things through clearly. Ready-Fire-Aim seems to be their policy.

Anonymous said...
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