Monday, April 27, 2009

Sometimes Your Best Friend Lets You Down

Everyone is finally talking about Barack Obama's inability to speak without a teleprompter...well...everyone on the right...but definitely not the MSM. In fact, early on I took to calling Obama's teleprompter "the 'Bama Binky," because just like a small child's security blanket, the Prez goes nowhere without his binky.

But it seemed to have let him down recently. Take a gander at the video link below.

Even you best friends let you down on occassion.


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Angry American said...

The MSM and apparently a majority of U.S. citizens are more interested in a celebrity Prez than one with some substance. Obama is unable to deliver a coherent speech without a teleprompter. I know he is busy, but one would think that at some level he would be able to speak off cuff in complete and understandable sentances. Americas love affair with celebrities has sucked Obama in and he desperatley wants to be the top celebrity in the world rather than the leader of the United States and the world. He has weakened us considerably and made the United State less safe in only 100 days. What an accomplishment. However, his celebrity status and popularity seems to have improved with Iran, Venezuala, Mexico, and Cuba. Way to about showing us some backbone Mr. Celebrity Prez?