Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why Grassroots Are Protesting Obama's Spending, but Didn't Bush's

Or at least, one good reason why.

Thanks to Adam Doverspike for bringing this chart to my attention. Lot's of people who are trying to make light of the Tea Party movement question why conservatives are protesting Obama, but didn't protest Bush. Aside from the obvious fact that Bush's spending last Fall sparked a smoldering fire of discontent, it wasn't until Obama got in with his liberal spending agenda that the fires of discontent were stoked to a flaming inferno.

Here is a chart to make that point.

While Bush's emergency spending, whether you believe it to have been necessary to stimulate the economy, or saw it as a craven attempt to try to not lose a presidential election, this chart shows that Obama's spending plans make Bush's look...well...bush league.

Those red and pink bars are why we're protesting on April 15.

[MORE] I had a comment asking for the source of the graph. You can read the entire story relative to the graph at the Heritage Foundation' s site by clicking here. Apparently the graphic was originally created by the Washington Post, not exactly a right-wing publication.


Todd Autry said...

Good stuff,

Thanks for sharing!

David said...

Do you have a source for that graph? I would like to read up a little more on it.

Jeff Shaw said...

Many of us were critical of Bush's spending ways.

But the ultimate tea party is called an election. Which is what happened in November.

The problem is, the bums we collectively threw out, were not as bad as the bums that were elected.