Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flattering Results From Two On-Line Polls

Some interesting and flattering results from the very non-scientific Internet polls conducted by the two talk radio stations. Both stations put a listener poll up on Monday morning and I waited at least 48 hours before commenting, but the numbers have remained pretty consistent for the past 24 hours or so.

Obviously I'm as aware as anyone that these are fuzzy snapshots that indicate a percentage of avid supporters and not the more passive voter that isn't a talk radio listener. The numbers can also be skewed by campaigns that actively try to drive supporters to the site to vote. But one can argue that such networking is also an early indicator of a candidate's ability to get out the vote on election day.

I'm not surprised that I am leading in the KFAQ poll. After all, I was on the air on the station relatively consistently for the past five years. However, I must admit to a bit of a happy surprise that I'm doing so well on KRMG, which was my competitor station for two years. I guess it goes to show that a conservative is a conservative, regardless of which station they prefer.

My favorite, non-scientific number from the KRMG poll is derived from adding the numbers for Bill Christiansen, GT Bynum, Rick Westcott, Bill Martinson, all current city councilors. Their combined support in the poll adds up to 18%, six percentage points behind my numbers. Again, worth nothing really, more than just a smile.

Word is that GT Bynum has been meeting with some of Bill LaFortune's people to discuss a run. Most speculated that Bynum, because of age and experience, would hold off for another four years before making a run for the Mayor's office. But Kathy Taylor's departure has obviously caused him to re-look at a race this year, fearing that the winner this time might be a fellow Republican who could prevent him from running from eight or more years.

This rumor about Bynum makes his "deciding" vote to support the money interests behind the downtown baseball stadium look even more disappointing to the cynics out there.

It's going to be interesting to see how the next few weeks shake out with regard to who gets out and who stays in. For my part, I've been actively making calls as time allows and am giving a lot of thought and prayer toward whether or not I should enter the race.

The numbers from these listener polls are encouraging, though.


Unknown said...

Well for all those cynics you mention, you heard it here first on MedBlogged: I'm not running for Mayor.

Anonymous said...

I really hope one of our city councilor's don't become our next mayor!

My dream would be to see Chris Medlock link up with Clay Clark Medlock endorsing Clark (WHO by the way is already polling better than a former mayor - Bill Lafortune in both polls)

That is if Clark would be willing to appoint Medlock to a good position in the city government.

Clark has already spent alot of money and so has alot of other conservatives in order to support him.

This way if Clark keeps his promise about term limits then Medlock could run at a later date!

Come on tell me this isn't the best idea out there!!! PLEASE DO IT CHRIS!! FOR TULSA!!!!!! WE NEED YOU BOTH!