Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hudson, Florida Calling Mr. Medlock

Took a political phone poll today out of Florida this afternoon. First question I was asked was did I know when the Mayoral primary would be held? Second question was, "are you aware of the name, Chris Medlock?" Third question was, "Would you say you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable or very unfavorable opinion of Chris Medlock?"

I said I knew who he was and had a VERY favorable opinion of him!

They asked about me, then about in order, Dewey Bartlett, Howard Barnett, Bill Christiansen, John Smaligo and Jim Williamson. No mention of Rick Westcott, Clay Clark or Bill LaFortune.

I'm torn between thinking this might be a poll by Bartlett and/or Barnett, or that it is one of the candidates not mentioned doing the polling to determine who is the strongest potential opposition.

Smaligo's name was a bit of a surprise, as I haven't heard his name mentioned in connection with the race until this poll.

If you see a phone call from Hudson, Florida, take it. It's a poll.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris I have a question... Who is Barlett and who is Barnett? I am "up to date" (afterall I'm on medblogged!) on Tulsa politics and have never heard of these guys?

Also very strange/odd who WASN'T included considering both Clay Clark and Bill (ugh) Lafortune have name recognition at this point.

Still hoping you endorse Clark and work in that administration then as we know Clark will set term limits you could run for mayor at that point, perhaps you could be deputy mayor until then?

Considering your new business doesn't prevent you and, well- that you want to.. Tulsa needs you both I think you are both great people!

Good luck out there guys, it's going to be (and has been) a fun ride.

Even if you don't want to post this comment I hope things work out well for you and your family Chris, I really do. I have missed your voice on the radio but I do enjoy at least getting to hear you and your take on PC's show Thursday mornings as I drive into work.


Chris Medlock said...


Bartlett is Dewey Bartlett, Jr. He is the son of the former Oklahoma US Senator and Governor by the same name. He was also one of the original Tulsa City Councilors and lost in a race against Susan Savage for mayor. He is now the President of Keener Oil Company.

Barnett is Howard Barnett. He is the former Chief of Staff to Governor Frank Keating, and was in 2006, the Republican nominee for State Treasurer. He defeated Dan Keating, Fmr. Gov. Frank Keating's twin brother in a hotly contested primary.

Both gentlemen are widly regarded as coming from the pro-downtown, mid-town moderate wing of the party.

Anonymous said...

Okay thanks Chris.

Aren't there already to many "pro-downtown, mid-town, moderate" Republicans in Tulsa government?

We have a city council full of them.

Paul Tay said...

Medlock all da way, baby! Love your P-Tulsa dig this morning on KFAQ: "The usual suspects who frequent crap like PlaniTulsa are cyclists who want bike paths, and other cranks who choo choo!"

Love it! Love it! Love it! Way to stick it to da Man, man!