Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Randi Miller's Sister Nominated to Oversight Committee

Not editorializing one way or the other, but am simply guessing that no other media outlet will note this fact.

District 2 city councilor Rick Westcott nominated Lugenia Cue to serve on the Sales Tax Oversight Committee. Ms. Cue is the sister of former District 2 councilor Randi Miller, who now, of course, serves as the District 2 county commissioner.

As an added bit of trivia, Rick Westcott, prior to his election as a city councilor, served on the same committee, as one of the two representatives from District 2. I know this, because I nominated him.

Hmmm...maybe if Ms. Cue is elected to be the District 2 councilor in subsequent years, she can name my brother Jeff to the Sales Tax committee. It would be a shame to end a good "cycle."


Anonymous said...

I just returned from the State Fair after 54 years of going every year. I will never go again. It was without question the worst experience of my life and that's really saying something considering I spent two years in a war in southeast asia. Randi Miller sucks and I hope the citizens ride her out of the state on a pine rail.

Unknown said...

is this for real b/c its kind of sick... you guys should get out and meet some people