Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pat Campbell Speaks Regarding My Layoff At KFAQ

Several people told me about the kind things that Pat Campbell said on his morning show the Monday following my layoff. I finally got around to listening to it today and want to thank Pat for making an effort to get the word out, as much as he could, regarding the decision to end my show.

I've recorded the section of his show that deals with my layoff and you can hear it here.

[Photo: Pat, Mike Huckabee and I at the Governor's book signing in Tulsa last Fall]

While Pat and I rarely saw each other (he went home before I got there) I've enjoyed working with him and found our rare exchanges to be funny and pointed. He didn't have to take time from his show to set the record straight and I'm very grateful that he did.

One point that stood out from his remarks, though, was to say that this layoff could be a blessing in disguise. From where I'm standing right now, that's hard to see. Having come to radio from the local political scene, it is an easy assumption to make that I might be eager to return to politics. When callers to my show asked me if I was going to run for something, I always told them, "No...I'm having too much fun doing radio."

I meant it.

If someone came to me today saying I could either win an election or get back on the air, I'd choose getting back on the air. It was the most fun and most rewarding job I've ever had and I already miss it a lot.

I'll write more on this subject very soon, but for now, again, thanks to Pat.


Steven H. Roemerman Sr said...

Whatever...KFAQ dropped the ball, and I wont listen to them again.

Unknown said...

I loved the show and love were you stand. If it is politics or back on the radio, I look forward to seeing/hearing you again. Looking back, everytime something came up that I thought was the end all be all, it only opened new doors that I did not know were there.

Thanks for everything,


PS- It would be nice to see you knock Taylor out of her glass house....hehe

Anonymous said...

Oh....yeah Chris...your making me cry! LOL It was just a financial decision lol You got canned! "Chris was doing great things" lmao....you were doing such great things that they whacked your ass! Get your next wannabe job...and fail with it too! You should be ashamed for your family! Putz

Your bestest friend,

Mike Jones

OKforHuckabee said...

Whoever in the H-E-Double-Hockey sticks Mike Jones is, he needs to learn a little something about having a little bit of class.

You did a great job on radio, Chris. Many of us appreciated getting to enjoy your insight, without having to shred our monitors all the time.

Nice photo there of you, PC, and Gov. Huckabee.

Anonymous said...

Great to see the blog back up and running....needs an RSS feed though. Blogspot can do that.


Anonymous said...

The members of the former Reform Alliance, Chris Medlock prominently included therein, have been depleted, and the vested selfish interests of the local ruling Oligarch Families still rule Tulsa with their sticky fingers in all the taxpayer honeypots.

To quote Mobster Killer Whitey Bulger's politically-successful brother, former Massachusetts Senate Majority Leader William Bulger, who observed that "Reformers don't come back".

Meaning, the vested power interests will persist in preserving their privileges, their pork, and their perks and see that any Reformers "don't come back".

The Reformers like Chris Medlock, Michael Bates, Roscoe Turner, Jim Mautino, and Mrs. Julie Hall from "Who Owns Tulsa" have taken a beating from the local ruling power elite and their paid paladins.

Having seen the contemptible greedheeds of local Oligarchy ruling and ruining Tulsa for decades, I just have to suspect that George Kaiser Soros and Bank of Kaiser just might of had something to do with Chris losing his job.

If we start seeing Bank of Kaiser advertisements on KFAQ in the near future, my guess is right.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Steven above, KFAQ messed up. I enjoyed your show very much and listened to it over the other talk radio station in the afternoons...in fact, yours was the only show I listened to on KFAQ, best of luck and hope to hear you back on the airwaves soon...PS

The Archivist said...

Well...Sorry that the show is gone. Glad that you are blogging.
It seems like it's very difficult to get a good read on local/metro politics here in Tulsa, and the Tulsa World certainly doesn't help. You provided expert information on local issues, filling a gap that none of the other main stream media seems to even be aware of. I'm glad we can still take advantage of your knowledge.

Anonymous said...


Glad to have contact with you again. For a while I wondered how we would know how you are doing and what you might be doing in the future. When I heard that you had been let go, I was very disappointed and let KFAQ know. Your knowledge of Tulsa and Oklahoma politics is invaluable for the citizens of Tulsa and the surrounding area. My second thought was, well I guess this frees him up to run for Mayor. We definitely need someone of your character and knowledge to be in authority. Whatever you decide, I'm sure there will be many of us from the Q Nation who will support your efforts.


Anonymous said...

I love the never ending conspiracy folks who listen to the shit on talk radio! Yeah! it had to be the "elite" "midtowners right?" Chris...seriously...you need to practice what you used to preach about..personal responsibility, you had yet another chance and screwed yourself yet again! The damn liberals got you fired! From a hard right radio nut station...plueeeeze! It is pretty simple Chris....you sucked as a radio program host..you were a liabilty...and didn't bring in any cash for KFAQ! OR YOU WOULD STILL BE ON THE AIR! It is not that hard to figure out....well, let's just say...most people can figure that out for themselves. Quit the what could have crap and move on! Get a job that fits you....whatever that may be. Your political and radio days have passed you by ever so quickly.

Your Bestest Friend,

Mike Jones

Anonymous said...

Gonna miss ya!Hope to hear you back on air soon.Tulsa needs you,I also am refraining from listening to the "Q" at least for a while,as your show was the most enjoyable.

Anonymous said...


I miss your show badly. I am glad KFAQ archived the last week of it and while I agree that it probably was a decision made by KFAQ based on finances, I totally disagree with the way they handled it.

If you should encounter some idiots along the way, remember that a lot of Tulsans loved and RELATED to your show and that's what made it awesome!

Please do post more about it soon!

Todd Autry

Anonymous said...

Miss your show! It was the highlight of my day. I am not really upset with KFAQ, but your show will be deeply missed.

You provided some of the funnest moments on Tulsa radio in recent history and I hope you get back into radio at some point. You were GOOD at IT!!! Don't listen to the haters!

Anonymous said...

Nice pits PC!

Anonymous said...

Chris you are missed, and if you can't do your hearts desire, radio, I wish you would look at getting back in politics. You are honest, and that is something very much missed in this day and hour. I would love for you to be Mayor of Tulsa, or even Governor of Oklahoma. You're the best, and I pray God guides in the right direction. JT

Anonymous said...

2 moments that will live in my mind for a long time to come were the tracking of the Mayor's plane (funnest radio show ever) and to be stuck in traffic during the ice storm and listening to the updates.

Those were some good shows Chris!

Anonymous said...


I'm glad to see that you're still connecting with us. Your shows was one of the few that I podcast if I'm not able to listen live.


I thought the same thing about the RSS feed. After looking through blogspots documentation I found the url for their feeds. For Chris's, the full-site feeds are:
Atom 1.0
RSS 2.0
If you want others, the page for their URLs is here.


Anonymous said...

the cancellation of this show was not handled properly.

they could have put chris on at 5:00p.m. for one hour. elvis would have still been on the weekend.

chris was kfaq 1170. pat campbell is not able to communicate local problems. i was not happy with the way he talked to sally bell or michael bates more than once. i quit listening to pat campbell after that.

pat campbell admits he patterned his show off the chris medlock show.
he took chris's contacts.

i will not listen to the pat campbell. also to cancel someone's show on friday the 13th. after chris was done so dirty by tulsa politics.

this was not handled correctly in any industry and there is recourse.

Anonymous said...

I also think that if Chris enjoyed the radio so much (and I believe he did) I don't see why he couldn't have taken the 5:00 slot (nothing against Elvis) for a pay cut. At least until something else got going.

I like Pat Campbell alot but I do think he is failing to capture local interests like CM or previous morning guy did.

I will say this, when KFAQ jerks everything off the station and doesn't give him a chance to explain, they can send out all the press releases in the world and it still looks funny to me.

I think Chris would have finished a week on the radio or done a farewell show for free if the financial reasons were really behind this.

I will still listen to KFAQ, but I so DISAGREE with their handling of this. I almost wonder who's side they are on?

Paul from Eufaula said...


The critical hole your show filled was on state issues. Your discussiosn with state politicos was essential for knowing what was going on in the black hole called the capital building. Everybody BADLY needs that type of information source.

You don't need a radio to do your show. Have you considered doing a podcast show with the same content as KFAQ? It doesn't even need to start out as a live show. Just record it and post it for download. Considering the internet radios that companies like Sangean are selling, internet broadcasting my just be your medium.

Thanks for the good work!

Todd Autry said...

I think Chris could get a show on Blog Talk Radio or something like that!

Great Idea Paul!

Anonymous said...

Now if they can just lay off Pat Campbell like they did in Orlando everything will be beautiful!