Monday, April 27, 2009

Henry Vetoes Liberty

Governor Brad Henry, as expected, vetoed HJR 1003. Also known as the "Tenth Amendment Bill," HJR 1003 would establish it as Oklahoma's official position that the Federal Government is limited by the Constitution as to its authority and control over the states.

Henry, a Democrat and Obama supporter, was expected by many on the right to veto the measure, which would have been perceived as a black eye to the new administration and its desire to considerably expand the role of a centralized and more powerful federal government. The governor of Oklahoma's neighbor to the south, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), has recently been very vocal in his support for a similar initiative in that state.

Owasso State Senator Randy Brogdon, one of the principal sponsors of HJR 1003 and a recently announced candidate for Governor, released a statement to the media after Henry's veto.
"At the end of the workweek, when everyone else had left the Capitol, Brad Henry used his veto power to reject the Constitution he swore to uphold," said Brogdon. "With the stroke of the pen, the Governor decided to let President Obama and Congress continue to erode our Constitutional rights."

"This is not an isolated case," said Brogdon. He then referred to Governor Henry's veto on legislation that would have banned embryonic stem cell research. "In less than one week's time, Brad Henry has vetoed life and liberty."
Supporters of the bill are trying to rally support to contact legislators to override Henry's veto.


Todd Autry said...

This was a disappointment!

Angry American said...

Henry is a disappointment and embarassment to this Great State. Thank God his term is nearly over. As Senator Brogdan stated henry has vetoed life and liberty. any chance for an overide of his veto? henry's legacy to this State will be the befuddled education lottery and Indian casino gambling. both embarassments to this State. Tax and gamble our way to prosperity must be henry's motto. then when that doesn't work, let the federal government step in and take over whatever is left. Thanks and good bye brad henry.