Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thanks for Virtually Nothin'

Barack Obama wants us all to be impressed that he's asked the Cabinet to cut government spending in the executive branch by $100 million. To you and me, outside the beltway, this sounds like an impressive sum. However, when put into perspective by relative comparisons, it's not even a drop in a bucket. As such, it's a political ploy to make it sound like the most aggressive tax-and-spend President is fiscally responsible.

One comparison is as follows. Say you have a friend who makes $100,000 a year. You think he needs to cut back on his wild spending and you ask him to cut back as much on his annual budget,as a percentage of the whole, as Obama has the cabinet. So how much are you asking your friend to trim his spending? Grab ahold of something to keep from falling down.

A whopping $3!

If you're more visual like I am, take a look at the graphic below from the Heritage Foundation.

It shows clearly just how much a: the Obama Administration is spending or, b: just how ignorant they hope the American electorate can be.


Foxwood said...

This has to do with public school indoctrination. We've forgotten how to cipher. It's really to hard to think.

Ultra Okie said...

Oh the pain of this budget cut. Well, my understanding is this is not even a real cut. Let's put this in Washingtonese. A cut in spending to a politician usually means a cut in a future increase, and of course the cut is no where near as much as the planned increase, but they sure want you to know they are making cuts. This particular cut in spending is a cut from one area and giving to another. WOW! the sacrafices they are making for We The People.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this in Twitter

How to produce high approval ratings for Obama
by Steve McCann
Just read an AP report: the percentage of Americans that think the country is on the right track rose to 48% in March as compared to 40% in February. In light of the unemployment rising, the debacle in foreign affairs etc, I found it unlikely. So I looked into the details of the poll.

73% of the Democrats polled thought we were on the right track
17% of Independents
10% of Republicans

That made it even more suspicious as to how those numbers could result in a 48% overall right track vote.

So digging deeper, it turns out

36% of those polled were Democrats
18% Republican
26% Independent
18% None claimed

In the 2008 election the spread between Democrats and Republicans was 6.5 percentage points not 18 and independents made up 22% of the vote not 26%.

It appears that there have been similar distortions in the various polls measuring Obama's approval ratings.