Saturday, March 26, 2005

And The Answer Is? Inept.

Friday's Tulsa World posted the following clarification on Pg. A3.

"A Thursday Tulsa World article reported that City Councilor Chris Medlock called some Economic Development Commissioners, who also are chamber members, corrupt. It was a former Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce official that accused Medlock of calling the members corrupt. Medlock denies that he ever accused the officials of corruption."

Don't you love that the correction sounds like, "Oh Yeah, he said it. We just are printing that he denies it!"

How about, "No official record exists of Medlock ever making such an accusation?"

Isn't that just as accurate, and yet more in the spirit of correcting a glaring screw up that amplifies already existing rhetoric and mythology created by the Chamber and the World editorial staff?

It never ends.

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